Emerging model Laiba Khan Lodhi promises exciting projects in the pipeline

DailyTimes  |  Dec 03, 2021

We spoke to the beautiful emerging Pakistani model Laiba Khan Lodhi, in an exclusive interview with Daily Times, about her journey through the modelling industry so far, how secure she is with her choice of career and what is she currently working on.


How long has it been since you have entered the field?

I have been in this industry for two and a half years and getting nominated within this span for the International Pakistan Prestige Awards and Hum Style Awards in the category of rising talent has been exhilarating.


What made/compelled you to enter this field?

I have received many offers, but one that influenced my decision to join the industry was the PFDC one as it excited me the most.


What is something interesting/special that you’re currently working on?

As such not much but some fashion weeks and fashion campaigns are keeping me occupied. Insha Allah, many exciting things are on their way.


Are you’re comfortable with your work environment of the industry as some people consider it as a no go area for women?

Good and bad people are there in every field. I come from a very literate and wise family. They have their religious aspect towards life but they’ve never confined me by any means because they have embellished my upbringing in a righteous way; for girls they should definitely pursue this field because there are many educated women who are taking this field to greater heights. It entirely depends on you to either diffuse into a mentally healthy environment or dwell upon something toxic for yourself.


How much did the coronavirus effect the shoots and the income?

COVID-19 came with tremendous adversities, that impacted the amalgam of various works. The sustainable income was negatively diverged. People not following the standard operating procedures only caused the virus to spread that directed a tremendous shut down over the continuation of shoots.

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