Honda will discontinue production of its hydrogen and plug-in hybrid Clarity cars

Bol News  |  Jun 18, 2021

Following the discontinuation of the Clarity EV last year, Honda will halt the manufacture of its hydrogen fuel-cell and plug-in hybrid Clarity variants this summer. According to Nikkei, the decision was made due to low demand and Honda’s new focus on electrification.

The Clarity fuel-cell vehicle was restricted from the beginning in the United States due to its high $71,200 price tag and a lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Honda is no longer producing electrified vehicles in the United States, with the discontinuation of the Clarity EV, PHEV, and fuel-cell models.

Honda had stated that it will launch an electric vehicle in 2024. It also plans to only sell zero-emissions EVs by 2040.

These might include electric vehicles, but Honda hasn’t given up on hydrogen yet, having signed a contract with GM to develop fuel cell vehicles. However, most hydrogen in the United States is produced by reforming natural gas, the fuel still emits greenhouse gases despite the fact that only water exits the tailpipe of a fuel-cell vehicle.

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