Love And Affection Of Father Can’t Be Forgotten: Usman Buzdar

AbbTakk  |  Jun 20, 2021

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has said that father is like a shady tree for his children, pointing out that the religion also insists on giving huge respect to father.

The CM , in his message on Father’s Day, said: “There should be no special day to express love for father, and every single moment should be reserved to exhibit love and affection for him.” “Success of a person, in this life and Hereafter, associated with serving his father respectfully and honourably,” he said, adding that father’s love for his children was completely free from any worldly demands or interests. “The beauty of this relation lies in the hard work which the father does with dedication for constructing and raising his family,” he states.

The chief minister said that father was like a protector for his children, adding that only children could realise the sweetness of fatherly love and affection.

He said that no region or nation in the world had ever ignored the greatness and importance of father, adding: “Father is the substitute of true and honest sentiments which have no alternative in our lives.”

Usman Buzdar said that he missed his late father at every stage of life, and he couldn’t forget the moments which he spent with him. “Whatever I am now is because of the hard work and prayers of my late father,” he added.

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