Nasla Tower Demolition: Residents to file petition against non-leased plots

Hamariweb  |  Oct 25, 2021

Nasla tower residents pleas for a petition against 38 other plots that are claim to be non-lease.

Residents ask if Nasila Tower is demolish, a large part of the development on both sides of Shara Faisal, comprising the Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS), will also have to be flattened.

According to Nasla Tower Management Committee and SMCHS Secretary Shoaib Alam, there are multi-story buildings on Central Street Faisal that have to be demolished. However Supreme Court had referred to the orders to demolish its Nasla Tower due to the same reason.

SMCHS has other plots on both sides of Sharae Faisal, where high and other structures have been constructed. 

In June, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the tower over its illegal construction on Service Road. It also ordered the builders to return registered buyers of residential and commercial units within three months.

The SMCHS Secretary believes that the service road was unallocated, unused and unsafe at that time. He said that the society has the power to transfer additional land to the owner of any plot. Therefore an additional 20 feet wide strip was transfer to the front plot owners of Shara Faisal.

The Nasla Tower Management Committee is ready to file a new petition in the Supreme Court. Petition will address all the 38 plots which SMCHS has allotted additional land on Shara Faisal which is about 4264 square yards for each plot.

Residents of Nasla tower have shared their opinion regarding the demolition of the building. However 27 October is the last date to leave the building.

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