PDM a dead horse now as opp suffered defeat, failure: govt

DailyTimes  |  Jan 24, 2021

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Saturday said Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was a dead horse and the opposition was left with only disappointment, failure and defeat.

In a statement issued here, Shibli Faraz said those who wanted to overthrow the elected government fell out of favor of the people.

He said Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) leaders were confused, adding that the Broadsheet issue had exposed the politics of the National Reconciliation Ordinance, and

it would be Panama II for them.

“When Imran Khan was building cancer hospital and universities for the poor, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari were robbing the poor and building palaces in Avonfield and Surrey”, Shibli Faraz said.

He said PML-N leaders could not mislead and misguide people by telling lies.

Imran Khan was known for his determination and steadfastness, he said adding that the corrupt mafia which looted wealth of the nation must be held accountable.

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was a caravan without any destination, as earlier it was talking about resigning from assemblies, then holding long march and now no-confidence movement.

While talking to people at Union Councils 20, 37,39 and 43 of his constituency NA-156, the foreign minister remarked that PDM coalition was based on personal interests so it was bound to fail. The leadership of PML-N could not mislead the masses as they had been exposed before the people.

Qureshi maintained that PML-N could not dislodge the incumbent government. The opposition would face disappointment, Qureshi said adding the PTI government would complete its constitutional term.

He reiterated the incumbent government would not give any NRO and the looters would have to face strict accountability.

The foreign minister also observed that Pakistan was facing different challenges at international level. He, however, added that the country would achieve successes at all diplomatic fronts.

In past regime, no foreign minister was deputed in the country which caused weakening Pakistan on diplomatic fronts. The incumbent government was fighting Pakistan’s case effectively at every international forum. After a long time, the country’s foreign policy was evolved as per wishes of masses, the foreign minister and added Pakistan was now heading in right direction.

About masses problems at local level, Qureshi remarked that the government was paying immense focus on safe drinking water, modern sewerage system, roads infrastructure, healthcare and quality education system. The government believed in durable and sustainable development so masses-friendly policies were being framed. The policies have started yielding positive results.

The foreign minister also observed that Pakistan was hopeful of further improving its ties with the newly elected Joe Biden Administration in US. Pakistan performed amicable role amid difficult circumstances for peace process in Afghanistan. Qureshi also wished that the new US administration should continue developments on Afghan peace process.

Qureshi hinted that China would gift five lac doses of anti-coronavirus vaccines to Pakistan by January 31. Pakistan also sought another 1.1 million doses from China, informed Qureshi. The foreign minister added that China promised to provide 1.1 million doses of the vaccines by end of the February. The foreign minister also remarked that vaccines trial were in progress successfully.

He also maintained that PTI government was honouring its pledges made with the public and record development projects were being completed. Earlier, the foreign minister inaugurated different uplift schemes in the constituency. On this occasion, local leadership of PTI was also present.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Saturday said the opposition’s cries were going up to heaven after knowing that the members of Broadsheet Inquiry Commission were unpurchasable.

The federal minister rejected opposition’s criticism over the selection of committee members for probing into Broadsheet agreement and said “the opposition wanted to form a commission on broadsheet based on Rafiq Tarar, Iftikhar Chaudhry and Malik Qayyum”.

“The opposition knew that they will be held accountable by those people (nominated in the committee) who are difficult to buy and their cries up will go up to heaven and this is what is happening right now”, Chaudhry Fawad said.

He warned the opposition by saying, “You have two options, either refund the money or face imprisonment”.

It is pertinent to mention here that Broadsheet Inquiry Commission was formed headed by the Former Supreme Court judge, Azmat Saeed Sheikh to examine the circumstances relating to the Broadsheet agreement and subsequent arbitration proceedings that resulted in substantial loss to the national exchequer.

Minister for Human Rights Dr: Shrieen M Mazari on Saturday said opposition would scream and shout when scale of their leaders’ money laundering and theft of nation’s resources was becoming public.

“Opposition will scream & shout because scale of their leaders money laundering & theft of nation’s resources is becoming public as is the role of abettors complicit in cover ups, faulty agreements & NROs, she tweeted.

She added that the inquiry would be completed and public would know about the final decision.

In a series of tweets, the Minister said opposition did not want a judge who might know too much about their loot and scams but it is right of the nation to be apprised with facts.

She said Pakistan suffered twice due to the corrupt leaders and their allies and now people wanted to know who looted their money.

“Getting Opposition’s approval for inquiry head is like a thief being asked to pick his own judge!”, she further said.

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