PSX Witnesses bullish Trend, Closes at 48,726 Points

AbbTakk  |  Jun 14, 2021

KARACHI: As many as 413 companies transacted shares in the stock market, 238 of them recorded gain and 161 sustained losses whereas the share price of 14 companies remained unchanged.

The three top trade companies were Byco Petroleum with a volume of 109,211,000 shares and price per share of Rs11.83, Hum network with a volume of 108,394,500 and price per share of Rs8.62 and WorldCall Telecom with volume of 98,041,000 and price per share of Rs8.69.

Rafhan Maize witnessed maximum increase of Rs190 per share, closing at Rs9690 whereas Wyeth Pak Ltd was runner up, share prices of which increased by Rs150.47, closing at Rs2156.84.

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