Respect is very important in a marriage: Naveen

DailyTimes  |  Apr 23, 2021

Naveen Waqar may be single but the actor is not sitting and waiting around to mingle anymore!

Naveen, who was married to Azfar Ali before getting divorced in 2015, sat down with Nida Yasir on the ARY Digital show Good Morning Pakistan and spilled the beans on what she expects in a future partner and what she thinks of trolls that still attack her over her marriage.

“Someone who respects you is extremely important,” said the Bewafa actor.

“Respect is very important someone who respects me as a woman, as a wife. I don’t like it when people get jealous and ask their partner to change,” she added.

When asked if she would leave the decision of finding a future partner on her parents, the 36-year-old said, “I think family’s input is extremely important, not just for girls but for guys as well.”

She went on to add that as for herself, she has left the decision on God. “It will happen when it’s meant to happen, I’m sure I won’t sit around and wait for it!”

How does she deal with the trolls that still haunt her social media? “If you want to stay happily alive in this world, you have to tune out what people say. People still troll me,” shared Naveen.

“‘What are you wearing? Why did you say that?’, people say stupid things like these. I think one should have thick skin, and when you have people who love you, a family that supports you and have raised you, I’m answerable to them, not to the world.”

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