US Man Arrested For Stealing Over 19,000 KG of Pistachios

Bol News  |  Jun 22, 2021

A 34-year-old man was arrested in Tulare County, for stealing approximately 4200 pounds of pistachio.

The California Police have recently arrested a man after solving a case of over 19,000 kg (approx. 4200 pounds) of pistachios that went missing earlier this month.

According to the sources, pistachios belonged to Touchstone Pistachio Company of the United States.

The company came across this heist during a routine audit in the month of June. “On June 17, the TCSO Ag Crimes Unit were contacted and requested to investigate the theft,” the official statement read

“Yesterday (on June 19), investigative leads in Fresno and Kern County discovered the tractor-trailer containing the pistachios had been moved from the Montemayor Trucking lot in Delano to a nearby lot,” sources said

It further informed that the detectives found the pistachios were being moved from 2000-pound sacks into smaller bags for re-sale.

However, the remaining pistachios were returned to the Touchstone Pistachio Company. And a 34-year-old man was arrested and booked in Tulare County.

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