Wahga Border: Six foreign journalist barred by Indian authorities from entering Pakistan

DailyTimes  |  Aug 04, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Indian authorities have stopped six foreign journalists from entering into Pakistan through Wagha border.

According to the diplomatic sources, the six foreign journalists representing various international news wire services, electronic media and newspapers, whose Asia Bureaus are based in India, were on their way to Islamabad, Pakistan to interview Prime Minister Imran Khan and other important persons, were stopped at Wagha Border by Indian authorities.

The sources said that the six foreign journalists whose respected headquarters had arranged high profile interviews in Pakistan were not Indian Nationals but still the Indian authorities stopped them from crossing into Pakistan from Wagha border.

“This reflects the RSS mindset of the Modi Government, who continues its hostile policies against Pakistan, that also includes to isolate Pakistan and checking every kind of exposure that Pakistan can get in the international media,” the sources said.

The sources further maintained that at this critical time when there is unrest in Pakistan’s neighbouring country Afghanistan specially in the aftermath of US announcement to pull out its forces from Afghanistan and Modi losing its ground in Afghanistan from where India was sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and generating proxy wars to malign Pakistan internationally, the stopping of foreign journalists to enter Pakistan reflects the fear India has to be exposed in the international comity.

“India is afraid of the fact that since Pakistan remains the key player and stakeholder about whatever is happening in Afghanistan might unearth the evil designs of the Indian RAW and its nexus with other anti-Pakistan intelligence agencies to create disturbances not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan,” the sources said, adding this could be the only reason for not letting the foreign journalists to cross Wagha border and enter into Pakistan. END

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