What made Zara Noor’s wedding dress problematic?

Bol News  |  Jun 15, 2021

Actress Zara Noor Abbas reportedly said that her wedding gown was so long that it became the reason for Asad’s anger on the day of the wedding as it kept coming in his way.

Zara Noor Abbas, along with her husband and actor Asad, recently appeared on a private TV program and spoke about her marriage and showbiz career during the show.

During the show, Zara and Asad said that they thought they would get married in a very simple, intimate ceremony but that was not the case.

Zara Noor said that at the wedding, her dress was so long that it kept coming in Asad’s feet for which he got annoyed at her.

Asad confirmed Zara’s words saying that that the lehenga was coming in his feet again and again, especially while walking due to which there was a lot of tension.

It may be recalled that in an earlier interview, Zara Noor Abbas had revealed that her close friend Sajal, Bushra Ansari, Asim Azhar and Yasir Hussain had played a major role in getting her married to Asad Siddiqui.

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