Sami yousaf -Sami Yusuf was born in July 1980 into a musical family of Azeri origin, learning to play several instruments at a very young age and demonstrating a keen interest in singing and composing. He studied music at several institutions and with renowned composers and musicians one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. You can lsiten and download mp3 naats of Sami yousaf

Reviews on Sami Yusuf Naats

Try Not To Cry

MashAllah beautiful.

Saqib hassan , Srinagar kashmir Sun 10 Sep, 2017

Make A Prayer

Mashaa Allah. He sings very well but he can avoid using music, which will make the naat more beautiful.

Muhammad Mudassir , Bangalore Sat 09 Sep, 2017

Hasbi Rabbi

If we listen naat with music then what's the difference between listening to songs and naat , Please don't use Allah's words and Allah's name with music that is inappropriate.
I agree mohd sajid khan "your voice is enough for naat which is amazing..." well said.

Aamir noor , Dubai Sun 27 Aug, 2017

Hasbi Rabbi

Its not working

Azlan , Gujrat Sat 22 Jul, 2017


love y Junaid bhai

Sajid Shah , Rawalpindi Thu 13 Jul, 2017


subhan Allah sami bhai

muhammad , shahmeer Mon 10 Jul, 2017

Hasbi Rabbi

Masha Allah nice voice

farida shaikh , India Thu 22 Jun, 2017

Who is the Loved One

masha allah

salluu , shivmoga Tue 20 Jun, 2017

Hasbi Rabbi

Please don't use music for naat ... It's prohibited .. you voice is enough for naat which is amazing...

Mohd Sajid khan , New Delhi , India Tue 20 Jun, 2017

Al Mu allim

I don't understand if u know what exact means of baat then you u Always use music instruments which is prohibited . So plz make all Nate without music , Moreover you voice is enough for baat.

Mohd Sajid khan , New Delhi india Tue 20 Jun, 2017
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