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Check Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) video review.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016)

Price: Rs. 2

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2600 mAh
8 MP
16 GB 2 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) Video Review

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) User Reviews & Feedback

Samsung galaxy j2 pro reliable mobile phone if you only want the calling and messaging so this is the better mobile phone which is helping you really much
By: ansha, la on May, 19 2019
The faster operating system of the Samsung smartphone makes it really amazing and great full for using the amazing specs of it which is literally amazing
By: sobia, lahore on Mar, 30 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 pro good smartphone with all the better usage of the battery and has the pretty good camera result which is we need to use
By: tooba, islamabad on Feb, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 pro good smartphone with all the better usage of the battery and has the pretty good camera result which is we need to use
By: tooba, is on Feb, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 pro the smartphone which has the great speed of the RAM and this is really good to see the good functions of it here
By: amna, multan on Feb, 08 2019
The only reason i like Samsung is because of their displays. Even the cheapest smartphone will have an AMOLED display
By: Zeeshan Shah, Jamshoro on Sep, 28 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is the most amazing cellphone I have come across. My friend has been using this cellphone and was complete shocked after going through its features specially its amazing camera quality.
By: Nasir, lahore on Aug, 31 2018
My father has been using this cellphone Samsung Galaxy j2 Pro since it was launch and he is very satisfied with its performance because he doesn’t have any extra application apart from WhatsApp Facebook etc.
By: Saqib, Islamabad on Aug, 05 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro has been obsolete from the market. But if we compare it to Galaxy J2, its far better than that and have more features compare to that.
By: Ghaffar, kashmir on Aug, 03 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro has been obsolete from the market due to its limited features. Very bad battery timing with not so attractive display screen. Internal storage is also not very sufficient.
By: Sadiq, Kashmir on Jul, 23 2018
The Samsung galaxy j2 pro having the useful features and the beautiful smart malty touch display that attract to everyone for using that very eagerly
By: neeha, Karachi on May, 15 2018
I make my mind to change my smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro because it looks really amazing with more features I don’t have in my smartphone yet
By: Ahmed, karachi on May, 10 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro recently I have used this smartphone which looks really good in the performance and now I make my mind to buy it
By: Shan, karachi on May, 10 2018
yeh mobile Rawalpindi men aya ha kya koi btaye ga mojy lena ha j2 pro 2016
By: adil, lahore on May, 06 2018
I have Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) which I have almost one year, can any body have an idea abut its current worth? I have all the accessories and box as well.
By: usaid, khi on Dec, 29 2017
I have dependably been a certifiable admirer of Samsung in light of the way that it gives me the best ever telephone framework that no other adaptable is giving starting late like this whipping Galaxy J2 pro.
By: shamsa, isl on Dec, 15 2017
One of my social event mate is a kick the bucket heart admirer of Samsung and he has
utilized in every way that really matters every alteration of Samsung Galaxy J2 pro.
Eventually a days he is utilizing J2 pro.
By: Tariq, Walsall on Dec, 14 2017
I never want to buy that type of mobile who has the bad battery life that’s why I checked this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy brand who has the long life battery standby as I like
By: meerab, islamabad on Dec, 02 2017
My mama is planning to have a new mobile phone so I suggested her to go for Samsung Galaxy J2 as Samsung is always a reliable company and its mobile phones and handsets are durable as well.
By: ayesha, fsd on Oct, 21 2017
Samsung GALAXY j3 Pro this is the best smartphone with all the good functions you ever want because it gives the ultra-good speed of the RAM
By: rayma, Karachi on Oct, 15 2017
You can buy the affordable smartphones in the minimum price by the Samsung which is really awesome and cool for all the smartphone lovers
By: Nabeekl, Karachi on Oct, 01 2017
The Samsung galaxy j2 pro is the best mobile which has the beautiful features which you never used before in the any expensive mobile phone
By: nazia, islamabad on Sep, 18 2017
Samsung j3 pro for sale new condition price 13500
By: Pakistan, Islamabad on Aug, 16 2017
Ye mobile lahore me mil rha ha kamran?
By: Farhan, Lahore on Aug, 15 2017
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is of the good smartphone in my list because it has the brilliant functions which I would like to use and has the great series of apps
By: Kamran, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
The updated information mentioned there of the Samsung galaxy j2 pro mobile phone who could give us the every actual information
By: nazmeen, islamabad on Aug, 05 2017
Its bets speakers provide me the best sound of mine favorite music which I really like to listen and usually I listen many songs
By: ramsha, islamabad on Aug, 04 2017
I am using this smartphone from Samsung and I was bought it from there and absolutely it working great with the best android versions of Samsung
By: Nomna, karachi on Jul, 30 2017
Samsung has proved that you can easily get more exciting features in reasonable price as well. Like the way Samsung galaxy j2 pro is giving to its customers and users.
By: Saalim, jakarta on Jul, 26 2017
The J series of Samsung galaxy has the bets in it but they all are very expensive who which I can’t afford and can’t buy it
By: noor, lahore on Jul, 22 2017
If anyone sale j2 pro plz contact me this number 03016334984
By: Abbas Maher, Gujranwala on Jul, 19 2017
If anyone want to sale in lahore plz contact
By: Bilal Ahmad, Lahore on Jul, 19 2017
If any1 want to sale plz contact me at 03495133893
By: irfan, Rawalpindi on Jul, 11 2017
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is awesome smartphone because this smartphone have the best application supporting role which is really cool
By: Taha, Kaarchi on Jun, 30 2017
You can easily run every application with this Samsung Galaxy J3 pro just because of its good features and the speedy Ram you want
By: Noman, Karachi on Jun, 09 2017
Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 is specially build to provide users with comfortable holding and its touch is made durable with Gorilla Glass
By: muskan, Madina on Apr, 17 2017
The front and back look of Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) smart phone make it different from the other J series devices and it is also compatible for LTE, I think I have to purchase it soon.
By: Raza, khi on Apr, 11 2017
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is the faster smartphone browsing experience is very well of mine to using this smartphone is feels good now
By: Shafeeq, Karachi on Apr, 10 2017
At the time of working my work don’t allow me to charge my cellphone because I should have to attend many calls and this Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro allow me to use the battery long time
By: Aqdas, Karachi on Apr, 09 2017
Salam... Yeh mobile Islamabad/Rawalpindi mein kahan se kharida jaye? Pinpack chaheye... Warranty ke sath... Thankx
By: Khan, Islamabad on Apr, 01 2017

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Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) Reviews

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