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I want to buy it can anyone tell me its mqrket rates??
By: Muskan, Lahore on Jun, 02 2017
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is the new smartphone from Samsung which has many features it is not new in Samsung it is new as a Pakistan country
By: Saddam, kara on Oct, 05 2016
Is the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo posted on this page authentic? I want to clarify that is this price of this phone is applicable to all cities of Pakistan or not? Please let me know about it as I really liked this phone but confused about the price. The shop near my house is quoting me a different one
By: Irum, Karachi on Aug, 12 2016
I Want to Sell Samsung Galaxy S5 neo 16GB Storage... 10/10 Scratch-less Condition... 3G, 4G Supported, i AM using both 3G & 4G. All Accessories: Hands free, charger, Data cable...Price35000
By: Arif, Karachi on May, 09 2016
Incoming call quality is very poor, 99% of people who ring me complain that they can't hear me,I always tell them to hang up and I have to ring them back and then it's fine. My son also has a s5 neo and the same thing happens with his phone. Have only had the phone since 26th December. Anybody know what's wrong or what I can do to get it sorted
By: Dady, Uk on May, 05 2016
This device is very weak, the eight-core , look like three of which are so weak , the device has a slow and weak performance. I thought that with the new processor would be better than the original S5 , but is far below him, was playing , it is below the S4 . I'll sell it and buy a Moto Maxx .
By: asif khan, Karachi on Apr, 26 2016
You should beware that making telephone calls while driving is illegal in every country.
You may use bluetooth or regular handsfree headset.
Regarding the car radio - Galaxy S5 Neo has a MirrorLink function (bluetooth) - works only for certain car radios. You may checkup at the user manual or just Google for "MirrorLink Samsung". In case you use a headset jack for speaker only connection, then you are blocking the microphone indeed. Probably bluetooth handsfree headset may help then.
By: Sam ali, Lahore on Apr, 22 2016
1.6 GHz processor and the long internal memory as well the battery life is also very long. All the specs which shows in this page make my mind to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo smart phone.
By: maaz, multan on Apr, 12 2016
With help of this site I am looking samsung galaxy S5 Duos phone which specs and features listed on the page is truly remarkable and valuable for money that is why I decide to buy this lovely phone.
By: shabeer, khi on Apr, 06 2016
Samsung galaxy S5 neo phone is such a lovely phone which I can purchase easily. Actually I just love the samsung brand, the smart phones of this brand are really awesome.
By: ahmad, khi on Apr, 02 2016
My s5 works fine from 100% to 15%. But as soon as battery comes to 15% it drains to 2 to 3% in no time. Is it a software related issue? Please help...
By: Hassan, khi on Apr, 01 2016
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is definately a phone to grab in your hands. I simply love every thing about this phone to the core. Kindly get me access to some authentic seller from where I can get it
By: Kiran, Karachi on Mar, 13 2016
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is surely an eye catching device that comes in amazing specs and features you would love to have! How is this phone different from the previous version?
By: Basheer Ahmed, Karachi on Mar, 04 2016
Galaxy s5
By: raheemudeen , Qutta on Mar, 03 2016
I am confused whether this Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is a high end phone or a mid range device? The price depicts its a high end with amazing camera, display, and memory specs !
By: Erum, Lahore on Feb, 16 2016
I don’t like Samsung Galaxy Neo Series I’m a huge fan of Samsung Brand specially their Galaxy series but this Neo series create many problems who irritated me very badly
By: Shayan, Karachi on Feb, 15 2016
Actually I am living in Peshawar that is why I am not success to buy this smasung galaxy S5 neo smart phone, would you like to inform me the name of any online web where I find the original brand?
By: Farooq, khi on Feb, 01 2016
really hate this s5 neo neo series is very boring and s3 s4 neo is totally copied means same why you don't wanna change any one thing in one series keep update yourself upgrade your cellphones you're the brand make some new ideas for your better marketing
By: zaib, karachi on Jan, 31 2016
S5 neo is the upgraded version of samsung galaxy neo active series smart phone,I have this phone but there is nothing any speciality as we compare to the old.
By: ahmad, khi on Jan, 25 2016
I want to buy a good second hand phone for home. Samsung is my brand choice and therefore I love to grab this amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo from an authorized dealer in Lahore. Thank you for posting the information about it online here on this page.
By: Tauqeer, khi on Jan, 07 2016
I want to purchase this Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo of Samsung Mobiles in second hand version from Lahore in good condition Let me know if anyone is interested in selling this phone I will pay half the price of this phone
By: Haseeb, khi on Dec, 31 2015
This Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is a very decent phone, you know in a black color with standard size the body of this phone looking very simple, I love to use samsung phones.
By: Yahya, khi on Dec, 28 2015
The information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is available online on this page. Please check out the page to get acquainted from the details of specs and features of the device before buying it.
By: Sahib, khi on Dec, 23 2015
Can you tell me the result of the front camera of Samsung galaxy S5 neo smart phone, in the latest phones this one is the only phone which I can afford easily.
By: Khizar, khi on Dec, 22 2015
As per configuration of this Samsung galaxy S5 neo smart phone I noted this the battery is 2800 mAh which may be give at least two days backup while using wifi.
By: mahmood, khi on Dec, 09 2015
S5 processor is 1.6 GHZ which is much faster than my samsung galaxy S4 smart phone but the back look of my phone is much better which is made of leather, I like it.
By: Sarfraz, khi on Dec, 08 2015
The grey color in this Samsung galaxy S5 neo smart phone give it a better look, I will buy this smart phone but before that I want to sale my S4 smart phone.
By: irfan, khi on Nov, 27 2015
I don’t think so S5 neo is in the category of the note series smart phone because its specifications are much different and the LCD display is also change from the S series smart phone but good in camera.
By: eliza, khi on Oct, 20 2015
All over the specification of the phone are good but it only lacks in Battery life which is only 2800.
By: Deeba, Karachi on Oct, 08 2015
S5 neo is compatible for using LTE? I just check the camera result of it which is very fine but I need to concentrate about the internet speed in this samsung galaxy smart phone.
By: harris, khi on Oct, 07 2015
What is the price of Samsung galaxy neo smart phone, actually due to the large size its look amazing phone which I like and wants to buy but you know its features tell me that this is an expensive smart phone.
By: sajjad, khi on Sep, 01 2015

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