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Check Samsung Galaxy Tab J reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab J features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy Tab J review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy Tab J video review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab J

Price: Rs. 2

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4000 mAh
8 MP
8 GB 1.5 GB RAM

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Samsung Galaxy Tab J User Reviews & Feedback

Samsung Galaxy tab j the best smart tab with all the functions we veer want and this is really good to see from here
By: sameen, Karachi on Sep, 17 2019
It has the good ram in it of Samsung galaxy tab j with completely the good looks and the beautiful display with the attractive big and slim hd screen
By: AHED, karachi on May, 12 2019
I bought this tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab J for my sons and they used to play games on that. It was overall good but had some battery issue as well as it used to get very hot often.
By: Ahsan , karachi on Aug, 08 2018
The good tab with the big hd screen and the beautiful resolution having here that has the good pixels that never get blasting and also helpful for capturing the photo clearly
By: fariha, faislabad on May, 15 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab J I am using this Tablet PC for my some social work which looks pretty good and has the really good performance which is really cool
By: Naeem, karachi on May, 10 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab J is one of the faster Tablet PC which has the highest processor speed for running the heavy games in it with very good speed of the RAM
By: Raees, islamabad on May, 10 2018
The big hd screen with the beautiful resolution available now in of Samsung galaxy tab j and the pixels are so good of their that never get blasting
By: aneeqa, multan on Dec, 12 2017
For the best working experience I just bought the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet J which has the amazing configuration faster speed what we need
By: Saad, Karachi on Dec, 03 2017
One of my paternal cousin has gifted this Samsung Galaxy Tab J mobile phone to his father I mean to my paternal uncle. My uncle was very much happy to have this precious gift.
By: yusra, pindi on Oct, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab J simple and good tablet PC with the some extra features where you can play the better games easily in it
By: Danish, Karachi on Oct, 20 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab J the Tablet Pc which can makes the every game much better than any other tablet PC and that’s the reason why I love to use it
By: aleeza, islamabad on Oct, 15 2017
Mine sister have this tab of Samsung galaxy brand who she use that with the full of enjoyment and every time she play the games in it with the beautiful display
By: tabish, lahore on Aug, 02 2017
Here’s is the smartphone what I searching for it is not so easy to find this Smartphone easily in Market Box Pack but my trust is still on this Brand because is handsome and Affordable specs
By: Tahir, Karachi on Jul, 30 2017
It has the everything is perfect that wants you form your best mobile before which i got the good experience from it
By: soofia, Karachi on Jul, 14 2017
I can use every application in it very easily which is so cool for you that now you can easily install every launcher in this smartphone for making more fun it
By: Asim, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
This excellent Tablet by the Samsung will give you the fastness what you need with any Tablet so you will never fed up with that
By: Talha, Karachi on Jun, 14 2017
Samsung galaxy Tab J is the brilliant Tablet with the powerful features and the amazing speed of Ram for supporting the heaviest applications
By: Taha, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab J is purchased by my sister two days back and she is totally in love with this device. The specs are truly outstanding and looks totally useful for the average users. What will be the price?
By: Tahir, Karachi on Jun, 02 2017
I have the best tab of the Samsung galaxy tab that give me the best gaming performance which I use every time to play mine favorite games who is very heavy
By: wareesha, Karachi on Jun, 01 2017
Now days many peoples are don’t buy the tabs because many expensive and smart phones available in the markets which is the really good then tab
By: rameeha, quita on Dec, 20 2016
I have this Samsung Galaxy Tab J and it gives me the superb performance what I need and expect with this Tab of Samsung
By: Noman, Karachi on Dec, 19 2016
I didn’t see this Tab in Market and I don’t have an idea about this Tab by Samsung but I’ve heard that my many friends talking about this that this is cool
By: Waseem, Karachi on Dec, 18 2016
I want to buy this tab for mine little daughter because she is very eager to playing video games and her birthday is coming summing soon so I will take the gift of it
By: alena, karachi on Dec, 16 2016
Now days many peoples are use this brands models because the Samsung galaxy brand has the many new models are available in the markets
By: qureeshi, lahore on Dec, 11 2016
This tab ensure that the users of Samsung Galaxy Tab J can do multitasking, switch between applications, download as many apps you feel like without any trouble. 
By: mukhtar, omaan on Dec, 09 2016
This tab is looking very nice on this page please tell me more about it because I have to bout it for my little sister because she like tabs very much
By: raheela, jalapure on Nov, 16 2016
Now days many peoples are not use the tabs because many new mobiles are available in markets who is better than the tabs
By: shazia, thatta on Oct, 20 2016
I didn't seen this Smartphone on any Samsung shop is this Japan assembled or china give me any authentication because I'm impressive with their specs
By: sonia, danmark on Oct, 14 2016
Finally my wife like this tab and really happy with that this is the first experience of my life when she didn’t argue with me
By: sabeen, kasur on Oct, 05 2016
Everything is mediocre, from appearance to hardware, from screen resolution to processor/ RAM, its software version is old as well (i.e. Lollypop 5.1) and I dont know when was this page last updated, its was supposed to release in August.
By: Fozia, Chakwal on Oct, 01 2016
Its yet to be released, good for readings book or watching movies without any hustle, display quality is claimed to be good, buyer should keep their hopes up. Battery capacity is good (4000 mAh), price range should not be more than 15000-22000 , otherwise its disappointing.
By: Asif, Mandi Bahauddin on Sep, 28 2016
It's a very cool gadget i bought for my friend too. Is perfect for reading textbooks as you finally get an active screen with high quality imaging so no pinching here. The software bundle in it is very good as well. .I'm happy
By: Sabahat, lahore on Sep, 27 2016
Just better not so cool what I was deserved with this Tab but still I am using I just give this Tab to my little sister for light gaming
By: Tauseef, Karachi on Sep, 22 2016
this s smartphone tab and this is the best uniqueness in this Samsung Galaxy Tab J
By: sabeen, karachi on Sep, 21 2016
Now a days any body have bought a expensive phone no body can bought a tablet so tab is not a very useful thing now I also have a expensive phone so I don’t need of tablet
By: hooria, larkana on Sep, 08 2016
up to 10 by 80 pixels video experience allow me to made a high resolution videos in this s smartphone tab and this is the best uniqueness in this Samsung Galaxy Tab J
By: Khuzaimah, Karachi on Sep, 04 2016

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