Most Popular Names In Egypt

Most Popular Names In Egypt - Egyptians names are consisting of their rich history. They are a blend of past and present of their history and trends. There is something that differ these names from other origins names.

Parents have the first very big responsibility of keeping the names of their child, considering all the aspects from meaning, easy pronunciation to observing the popular namesakes everything is considered as they want their child personality to have a positive effect.

The Egyptian names of girls and boys are unique and are usually originated from their tribe or their history and even their ancestors who were successful at that time. Parents globally prefer to name their child with these unique Egyptian names.

Here are the most popular Egyptian names:


- Karim ( Noble and Generous)
- Mostafa ( The chosen on among all)
- Omar (Powerful)
- Ahmad/Ahmed ( highly praised)
- Amr (Companion or friend for life)
- Aharon ( high mountain)


- Heba ( generous gift)
- Jomana ( noble and admired)
- Nour (superfluousin whole thing)
- Salma ( the one who brings peace)
- Isis (mythical Goddess of magic)
- Eboney ( Egyptian meaning in black)

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