Mansi Name Meaning in Chinese

Mansi is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Mansi name meaning in Chinese is 弹拨花;心之声;女人. Mansi name meaning in Chinese, popularity and rank stands at 134 and lucky number for Mansi is 2.

Gender Girl
Meaning Plucked Flower; Voice of Heart; Woman
Origin Hindi
Lucky # 2 ?
名称 Mansi
性别 女孩
含义 弹拨花;心之声;女人
起源 印地语
幸运数字 2 ?

Mansi Name Meaning in Chinese

在意大利Mansi名称的含义 - 这个名字的意思是 弹拨花;心之声;女人 这是 女孩 的名字。根和名称的起源与印地语语的联系。名字的含义是好的,家长可以给Mansi名字他们新出生的 女孩 婴。甚至你可以认为这个名字谁是要很快成为父母的人。 HamariWeb提供的名字和他们对谁发现唯一的名称及其他们新出生的婴儿的含义父母含义。hindou靓 女孩 名字字典及其在意大利语幸运数字,包括什么是Mansi的意思含义。


Mansi is my friends name is nice girl but she very stubborn this is only bad thing of personality.

Ria , Mumbai Tue 24 Feb, 2015

Mansi is my bai wali name she is very advanced bai she has facebook account and she always available on whatsapp i am surprised when i got fb frnd request of her

Mina , Mumbai Sat 01 Nov, 2014

Mansi is bad name in my class i have a mate her name is mansi and we both hate each other

Mauri , Delhi Wed 01 Oct, 2014