Bilal Name Meaning in indonesian
Gender Boy
Meaning Moistening
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
nama Bilal
jenis kelamin anak laki-laki
arti membasahi
asal Arab
nomor keberuntungan ?

NAMA-NAMA YANG SAMA  ( More Similar Names )

Bihar Bilaal Billal
Bijan Bilal Bin
Bikr Bilawel

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Bilal , Peshawar Wed 09 Jan, 2019

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Bilal , Mianwali Tue 09 Oct, 2018

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Bilal Name Meaning in indonesian

Bilal Name Meaning in Urdu - People who are given the name “Bilal” love to enjoy their personal independence. They have many abilities of leadership and focus on bigger targets rather than focusing on minor things they take big steps for theirs aims and objectives. People with this name are passionate, are a great influencer, genius and broadminded. They are sometimes quick-tempered are don’t tolerate any sort of ignorance and dominancy. They don’t mind apparently working within team. They are kind hearted and sometimes get easily hurt which they later regret and still finds a way to move on. Their many decisions are imposed on. They love to work for whoever seeks help to them.