Azad is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Azad name meaning in Hindi is Independent Free, and the lucky number associated with is .

Gender Boy
Meaning Independent Free
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
nome Azad
genere Ragazzo
senso Indipendente libero
origine Arabo
numero fortunato ?

NOMI SIMILI  ( More Similar Names )

Aza Azab Azain
Azaam Azad Azal
Azaan Azahir

How do you find this name? Azad

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sobia , islamabad Thu 18 Oct, 2018

By this online way everyone can easily know the azad name whole meaning authentically who mention here with the whole details about it

azra , panjab Mon 30 Apr, 2018

Azad is a good name and I really like the meaning of this name because it is also my best friend name and he has a beautiful nature ever every one like him because of his nice and attractive nature

farhan , faislabad Thu 13 Jul, 2017

my brother name is azaad and I really like the meaning of the name. azaad name is a nice and simple name .

momal , faislabad Tue 07 Mar, 2017

The name is 'Azad' is the name of Muslim and its gender is Male but this name is too old and very common in my uncle's age names. One of my school teacher name is 'Azad', he was such a nice person.

jawed , isl Mon 30 Jan, 2017

Azad Name Meaning in italian

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