Irfan is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Irfan name meaning in Malaysian is Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom., Kesyukuran. Pengetahuan. Bijaksana..

Gender Boy
Meaning Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 3 ?
nama Irfan
jantina budak
yang bermaksud Kesyukuran. Pengetahuan. Bijaksana.
asal Bahasa Arab
nombor bertuah 3 ?


Irdam Irfan Irshaad
Ireel Irken Irshad
Irfaan Irqaam

How do you find this name? Irfan

Today my sis bless with a boy & we're looking for his name, finally found Irfan Name Meaning in Urdu Language and English within each details. So thank u for helping us.

Zimal , Bhawalpur Mon 04 Nov, 2019

My son Irfan truly is very intelligent. Both in his studies as well as when he is making life decisions. The Irfan meaning is truly how I would describe my son as and I am very proud as a dad to have someone like him helping me.

Nehal , Islamabad Mon 10 Dec, 2018

Iffan ihsan is my full name.... And my father has given me this name and i am the only son of my parents. I did not like my name before but now I do.

Wajeeh , Sialkot Sun 02 Dec, 2018

these are helpful information about this IRfAN name who having the correct details about it at this online way authentically

jamal , hyderabad Thu 29 Nov, 2018

mai adil hoo edi bazar

adil , hyderabad Wed 28 Nov, 2018

Irfan Name Meaning in Malaysian

Irfan Name Meaning in Urdu - Irfan is regarded as a Muslim name that is usually selected ‘for boys and it is originated from Arabic language. The literal meaning of Irfan is “Hiqmat/Pehchan” and “Knowledge/Thankfulness/Wisdom/” in English and Urdu context respectively.

If we talk about its lucky number so it is 5 while lucky days are; Tuesday and Thursday. A person who entitled with this name has positive impact over person’s personality; this name enables luck and great opportunities in life, they are very creative and love to write his thoughts and ideas. More than that, people having this name are very good in arts, science and drama.

Irfan is always caring other because of his sensitive trait. One negative aspect is that sometimes a people with Irfan name become over sensitive and over protective and also quickly trusted others and as well as getting easily bored.

However, Irfan name has more positive impact and influence that’s why it is very popular and common, as the meaning of Irfan is searched out several times. Currently trending in news, blogs, articles and even all around Pakistan.

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