Asghar معنی نام

Asghar Name Meaning in persian
Gender Boy
Meaning Smaller. Younger.
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
نام Asghar
جنس پسر
معنی کوچکتر. جوان.
اصل و نسب عربی
تعداد خوش شانس ?

نام های مشابه بیشتر  ( More Similar Names )

Asaad Asadel Asaf
Asad Asadi Asafuddaulah
As'ad Asadullah

How do u find this name? Asghar

Anam is my new life entrie

Anam Asghar , SaRgOdHa Sat 18 Aug, 2018

i love this name asgar because its my father name

arquam khan , nalgonda Thu 08 Dec, 2016

i love dawate islami

mohammed azgar , mysore Sat 28 May, 2016

I think this name page of hamariweb is really cool! I tried it out on my friends and family,and discovered the meaning of other names. However it glitched a bit.

Zafar , karachi Sun 01 May, 2016


Asghar , Buner Thu 07 Jan, 2016

Asghar Name Meaning in persian

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