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Choosing James for a name embraces a timeless elegance, while its English translation adds a touch of intrigue, symbolizing 'one who takes over' with grace.

  • Faisal, Sialkot
  • Mon 02 Oct, 2023

Choosing Virat for your child's name is like gifting them a powerful legacy, as it signifies 'majestic' in the English language.

  • Ghalib, Sargodha
  • Mon 02 Oct, 2023

Mustafa, a name meaning 'chosen' or 'preferred' in English, truly reflects a sense of distinction and honor.

  • Sarah, Faisalabad
  • Mon 02 Oct, 2023

Zadok" is a strong and ancient name with Hebrew origins, representing righteousness and loyalty, making it a name of honor and integrity.

  • Sana, Faisalabad
  • Fri 29 Sep, 2023

Zevesh" is a unique name with Persian origins, signifying creativity and innovation, making it a distinctive choice for individuals who value originality.

  • Rehan, Rawalpindi
  • Fri 29 Sep, 2023