Fahad Name Meaning in french
Gender Boy
Meaning Panther, Leopard
Origin Persian
Lucky # ?
prénom Fahad
le genre Garçon
sens Panthère, Léopard
origine persan
chanceux # ?

NOMS SIMILAIRES  ( More Similar Names )

Faakih Fadlallah Fahad
Faaz Fadlullah Faheel
Fadil Faeq

How do u find this name? Fahad

Ami amar moto

Fahad , Lakshmipur Fri 08 Mar, 2019

What's Name my Star

Fahad , Karachi Mon 18 Feb, 2019

What's Name my Star

Fahad , Karachi Mon 18 Feb, 2019

now here we have the facility to get checkout the every correct information about this name of Fahad that is the persian baby boy name

asma , karachi Sun 11 Nov, 2018

Regarding the meaning of “Fahad”, this name is also have good meaning which is ‘Leopard’ one of the brave animal, I decide to keep this name to my smart baby boy.

owais , khi Tue 06 Nov, 2018

Fahad Name Meaning in french

Fahad name meaning in Urdu – The name Fahad comes from the Arabic language which translates to “leopard” or “Panther”. Fahad name meaning in Urdu is “Cheeta”, “eksayaalgosht”, and “sheyr jesa”. People with this name have the lucky number 8 and tend to have a deep desire for companionship and love. They tend to be quiet, considerate, and sometimes shy.

Fahad meaning resonates with cooperative, sympathetic, adaptable, and balanced. They are trustworthy, make excellent partners, and tend to be intuitive. They are often insecure about change, as they like detail and order in everything. Famous people under this name are Fahad Mustafa (Pakistani actor/host), FahedAbulEthemNsour (Jordanian politician), and FahedBoodai (Kuwaiti investment banker and businessman).