Shahzaib is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. Shahzaib name meaning in French is Crown Of A King, Like A King, Crown Of A King, Comme un roi.

Gender Boy
Meaning Crown Of A King, Like A King
Origin Urdu
Lucky # 11 ?
prénom Shahzaib
le genre Garçon
sens Crown Of A King, Comme un roi
origine urdu
chanceux # 11 ?

NOMS SIMILAIRES  ( More Similar Names )

Shaad Shaaheen Shabaan
Shaady Shaakir Shaban
Shaah Shab

How do you find this name? Shahzaib

My Name Is Shahzaib Ameen .But I m Not Interst In Lucky Stone I m Muslim Allah Ke Karam se

Shahzaib Ameen , Lahore Tue 10 Sep, 2019

My name is Shahzaib Nawaz.I am also lucky .But i do not believe that my lucky number is 1.Alhamdullilah I am muslim


SHAHZAIB name k larke bht shareer hote hien mera dost he shahzaib ek bht bara shaitan he lekin ache b hote hien is name k log

murad , islamabad Thu 29 Nov, 2018


shahzaib mehmood , faisalabad Wed 28 Nov, 2018

here we have the many names with the correct meaning and the every detail about this name mention in this schedule of the Shahzaib name

warda , faislabad Sun 11 Nov, 2018

Shahzaib Name Meaning in French

Shahzaib name meaning in Urdu – The name Shahzaib is an Arabic Muslim name which translates to “Crown of a King” and “Like a King”. Shahzaib name meaning in Urdu is “Badshah ka takht”. The lucky number associated with Shahzaib is 1 and days are Wednesday and Friday. The metal which brings this name luck is Copper and gem is Aquamarine.

Shahzaib meaning is associated with bold, independent, security, leadership, and balance. People with this name are spiritually intense and charming. They promote original ideas as well as financial success. They are interested in research and are compatible with a teacher or researcher job position. They are always looking for maintaining security, balance, and harmony around them. The holders of this name feel incomplete without someone to love, share ideas and wealth with. However, they can be very patient, mature and have the ability to nurture others.