Kubra Name Meaning in german
Gender Girl
Meaning Great, senior
Origin Urdu
Lucky # ?
name Kubra
geschlecht Mädchen
bedeutung Groß, Senior
herkunft Urdu
glückszahl ?

WEITERE ÄHNLICHE NAMEN  ( More Similar Names )

Kuaybah Kubria Kulus
Kubra Kuhaylah Kunwal
Kubrea Kulthoom

How do u find this name? Kubra

Assallamualikum my name is kubra and i am so happy that my mombestowed me with this beautiful name. It has nice meanings and it suits on me too.

Kainat , Peshawar Sun 02 Dec, 2018

My name Is KUBRA Its Too Much affective On My Life ,Too Diffculities IN My Life What Happened I dont Know

Kubra shah , multan Wed 28 Nov, 2018

Kubra Name Meaning in german

Kubra is a popular Muslim girl name of Urdu language. Kubra has been one of the most popular names of all times. Kubra name meaning in Urdu is ‘Aala’ ‘Bara Darja’. Kubra name meaning is immensely prestigious and it makes it highly significant for families to consider. Kubra name meaning in English is ‘great’, ‘senior’. Kubra name has five letters and name is small enough to be remembered. Pronouncing name Kubra is easy. People search this name as Kubra, Kubra thul Rija.

Every name has lucky number, lucky stone, and lucky metal associated with them. Lucky number for name Kubra is 4. Lucky days for name Kubra are Monday, and Friday; and lucky metal is silver. Lucky stone for name Kubra is Emerald. Parents of a baby girl named Kubra should try to keep these lucky metals and stones near her to bring goodwill and prosperity to their child, in case they believe in this. Girls bearing name Kubra should try more of blue, green, and white.

One of the most popular Pakistani actresses Kubra Khan also shares this name. Many of her followers are not just impressed of her acting skills but are also fan of her name. Undoubtedly, Kubra is one of the most trending names in Pakistan right now.