Naznin معنی نام

Naznin is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. Naznin name meaning in Hindi is Delicate. Belle., and the lucky number associated with is .

Gender Girl
Meaning Delicate. Belle.
Origin Urdu
Lucky # ?
نام Naznin
جنس دختر
معنی ظریف. دختر خوشگل.
اصل و نسب اردو
تعداد خوش شانس ?

نام های مشابه بیشتر  ( More Similar Names )

Naadhira Naadirah Naaheed
Naadhirah Naadiya Naa'ila
Naadia Naafiah

How do you find this name? Naznin

nazneen is a very good name

nazneen , peshwer Sat 12 Mar, 2011

Naznin Name Meaning in persian

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