Solemn Vow.

Poet: Fayez Khalid
By: Fayez Khalid, Karachi

Our hands were red, it was torturing but I suffered for us.
My sacred vow and bleeding palm wasn't enough thus.

You gave me the present and now I'm scared to remember the past.
Your cherry blossom eyes wasn't attractive to tear the rocks apart.

Huh, you toyed me in the lights of blessing, you were brave.
I still pledged you and brought a wreath to your holy grave.

I believe, you're heart is still exhilarating somewhere.
I escaped from every fireball you threw nowhere.

Create me a fire and build me a lair to give me some please.
Circumstances of misochist, you suffered, now may you rest in peace.

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28 Sep, 2019

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About the Author: Fayez Khalid
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