Top quality Home Theatre Systems with low prices and surround sound

(Faizan Amin Ahmed, karachi)

For some, the apex of genuine home amusement dwells in the biggest screen conceivable. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don't have extraordinary sound, you're still just getting a large portion of the experience. While a few TVs have sufficiently tolerable speakers for general review, with regards to considering your home survey important, you will require something that has somewhat more punch and will make the experience more exciting. The plus point is whether you have a lower or a higher budget, there always is a right product for you in the market that you desire. Following are some of the most best-selling surround sound systems in the market and will make you decide what you need.

1. Onkyo SKS-HT540:
The 7.1-channel Onkyo SKS-HT540 speaker framework makes an extravagant expansion to your current home theater or just as a new home theatre. At under the most minimum price, this framework could likewise fall into the spending classification, yet given the noteworthy sound quality, it offers colossal admiration. Note that you'll need to buy a different A/V recipient, however even without it incorporated, the cost is a take. It has a two-way bass front reflex and a surround speaker with a 130-watt total output and a subwoofer of 230 watt including a 10 inch driver. This high end sound system is one of the best in the market with a very cheap price tag.

2. Logitech Z906:
when it comes to the point where you want a proper sound experience of your taste the right product can make all the difference. Getting the right product for your need is all you want and speaking for the right product what to choose other than Logitech Z906 as your home theatre. Off the chance, you’ll receive compact satellite speakers and one 500-watt speaker that is more than enough power you will require in a home theatre. Logitech can be a multipurpose speaker system that can be used as a home theatre and for your gaming console as gaming speakers.

3. Audionic Pace 8:
If you’re in a search of a top notch 5.1 channel home theatre system than Audionic Pace 8 will be the best option for you in the current market. Five satellite speakers combined together producing a heavy quality sound enhances the audio experience and a 8 Inches subwoofer place in the middle supporting the speakers with a total response frequency scope of 40Hz ~20KHz providing a deep bass to your living room. Even if your room is bigger in space or smaller the Audionic Pace 8 is easy to setup and adjustable to your sound need. The high fidelity bass front and surround sound speakers producing 75-watt power with the support of a subwoofer with a power of 60-watt make the sound even more comforting for the audience. Pace 8 is one of the most top quality products with a good selling numbers will surely be worth your money.

4. Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800
Pro Cinema 800's best portrayed as detail-rich, saving the devotion of a soundtrack while taking into consideration all the concurrent impacts to be heard and delighted in. The 300-watt subwoofer matched with the inside speaker and satellites are for the most part all around respected without anyone else however together they make a unimaginable incentive in superior sound. There's little inquiry you'll wind up feeling like the ProCinema 800 offers both admiration for the sound and a top of the line encounter that gives a false representation of its sticker price.

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Reviews & Comments
It’s definitely one of the the top quality home theatre systems in Pakistan. Yet so affordable!
By: Fatima, Lahore on Aug, 07 2018
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i wish that i have to buy home theatre because only Audionic has good sound of music and they are only have the best speakers of 2018..
By: faraz, sialkot on Aug, 04 2018
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are these really the best affordable speakers in pakistan? i don't have alot of know-how about the tech world but still, i've only heard of audionic.
By: Zehra, rawalpindi on Aug, 04 2018
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yes pace 8 is really a wonderful speaker and i wish that this time this speaker should be in Audionic Azadi Sale
By: yusra , faislabad on Aug, 04 2018
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Im a user of Pace 8, it has top quality sound system with 5 speakers! can you imagine
By: hassaan jawed, karachi on Aug, 04 2018
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The quality of Audionic Pace 8 is very premium quality and it is also very affordable price.
By: shayan, Karachi on Aug, 04 2018
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If you want best sound quality speaker my recommendation will be audionic pace 8.
By: Danish, Islamabad on Aug, 04 2018
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Great piece! The rest of the speaker systems seem too much to afford. But Pace 8 is only 17900/-.
Audionic sure has a name in pakistan and is affordable as well.
By: Azlan, lahore on Jul, 20 2018
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I bought Pace 8 last year online directly from Audionic and found it really great. The sound is brilliant and the delivery was timely as well. The rest of the product might be good but they are too pricey. I like Audionic! My decision paid off.
By: Ahsan, karachi on Jul, 20 2018
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