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Broken Heart SMS Messages

Broken Heart SMS - Find 2016 largest collection of Broken Heart SMS messages at submitted by user, express your feeling with all the new Broken Heart SMS text messages of 2016, Broken Heart SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu to send mobile sms your friend & family members in Pakistan now.

Broken Heart SMS

No One Understands The
Silence Between My Words.
No One Understands The
Sadness Behind My Smile.
No One Understands The
Unsaid Feelings Of Mine.
They Think I Am Fine But
Only I Know Daily I Am Dying.
I Wan To Be Happy Again.
I Want To Live Those Moments
Again. I Am Sick Of Wearing
Fake Smile. I Am Waiting For
You Make Me Smile Again.

Sender:Sahir Date:09-10-2015
Broken Heart SMS

The worst pain in life is when you see
Your life being spoiled by the one you trust the most.
you cant do anything except
standing quiet and asking yourself that
is it the gift of trusting someone or
is it what i deserve?

Sender:Aslam Date:10-08-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Some broken heart, may never mend;
Some memories may never end.
Some wet tears may never dry;
But my love for you will never die!

Sender:Rehan Date:27-07-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Even though,
she hates me in every movement of life ,
but i love her with very seconds,
not because she has broken my heart,
but she as thought me to live with broken heart,

Sender:Aleem Date:02-07-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Awesome Lines By A
Broken Heart

“I Was Not



After You Broke My HEART

I Start Using My

HEART – LESS ….” =/

Sender:Ramzam Date:11-05-2015
Broken Heart SMS

The Lines said by boy to a Girl He Loved…
“Hey Angel I ‘m not forcing you to Love Me
don’t Let love be the Reason for Hating Me…!!!” :(

Sender:Tahir Date:27-04-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Is A Wound
No One Can “Heal”
Is A Gift
No One Can “Steal”

Keep Your Memories Intact

Sender:Omar Date:06-04-2015
Broken Heart SMS

If its taking all ur strength…
if its killing your heart…
if its making you bear too much pain…
its making you ignore everything else…
make sure its worth it…

Sender:Maham Date:25-03-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Once upon a time, I fall in love..







with a wrong person.

Sender:ali Date:20-03-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Some Broken Heart, May Never Mend,
Some Memories May Never End,
Some Wet Tears May Never Dry,
But My Love For You Will Never Die…

Sender:Rohan Date:02-02-2015
Broken Heart SMS

crying in the shower
is all you need,
to release
the pain that
has built up inside.

Sender:Hamza Khan Date:29-01-2015
Broken Heart SMS

Agar karni thi bewafaai ,to pahle bata dete...
Duniya badi haseen thi,hum kahin aur dil laga lete..

Sender:sandhu prince Date:29-11-2014
Broken Heart SMS

If silence is meant to be the best for all situations... then why we do all get so hurt when people don't talk to us?

Sender:Anum Date:12-09-2014
Broken Heart SMS

“I wouldn’t hurt someone like you, but you’d hurt someone like me.”

Sender:Osama Date:25-08-2014
Broken Heart SMS

"Kuch Yun Hua K Jab Bhi
Wafa Ki Zaroorat Pari Mujhe..

Har Shaks Ittefaaq Se
Masroof Ho Gaya.

Sender:shari Date:26-06-2014
Broken Heart SMS

Three great philosophies:

1. Ability can never remain hidden.
2. No injury is deeper than insult.
3. The birth of tension is the death of talent!

Sender:Imran Date:25-06-2014
Broken Heart SMS

The more you show your true feelings,
the more people find ways to hurt you..!!

Sender:Obaid Date:24-06-2014
Broken Heart SMS

"Maazi Pe Guftogo
Sy Wo Ghabra Rahey
Thy Aaj,
Main Ny Bhi Aaj Baat
Wohi Baar Baar Ki..*"

Sender:Obaid Date:16-06-2014
Broken Heart SMS

Crying is the only way your eyes
when your mouth can’t explain how
things made your heart broken..!!

Sender:Samad Date:12-06-2014
Broken Heart SMS

Woh To Apne Dard Ro-Ro Ke Sunate Rahe
Humari Tanhayion Se Ankh Churate Rahe
Aur Hume Bewafa Ka Naam Mila, Kyunki
Hum Har Dard Muskura Kar Chipate Rahe…!!

Sender:zeeshan Date:08-06-2014

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