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In 2000, only important people had your mobile number.
In 2015, only important people have your landline number!

Sender:Ali Date:25-08-2015
Cool Sms

The biggest criminals wear ties - not tattoos!

Sender:Abeer Date:20-08-2015
Cool Sms

Be a girl with a mind;
A woman with attitude;
And a lady with class!

Sender:Aslam Date:08-07-2015
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ABC of Happiness:
Argue less, Affirm more!
Bargain less, Believe more!
Complaint less, Compliment more!

Sender:Umar Date:30-06-2015
Cool Sms

For the hope of Tomorrow we sacrifice Today. However, happiness is always in the Now!

Sender:Danish Date:24-06-2015
Cool Sms

Life is like a camera focus on what's important capture the good times develop from the negatives;
and if things don't work out take another shot!

Sender:Ali Date:08-06-2015
Cool Sms

Smile. Your enemies hate it.

Sender:Rehan Date:25-05-2015
Cool Sms

You will always pass failure on your way to success!

Sender:Manoj Date:05-05-2015
Cool Sms

For all of you who gossip about me: Thanks for making me the center of your world!

Sender:Alian Date:22-04-2015
Cool Sms

Isn't it ironic:
We ignore those who want us;
We want those who ignore us;
We hurt those who love us;
And love those who hurt us!

Sender:Ali Date:20-04-2015
Cool Sms

Before you Talk

Before you React

Before you Criticize

Before you Pray

Before you Quit

Sender:Irfan Date:13-04-2015
Cool Sms

Respecting a woman is more beautiful than telling her that she is beautiful!

Sender:Irfan Date:09-04-2015
Cool Sms

Most people on an ego trip don't have anything to pack!

Sender:Ali Date:02-04-2015
Cool Sms

If people have a problem with you, it is their problem.
Have a nice weekend!

Sender:Amir Date:27-03-2015
Cool Sms

Just Imagine Life Withour BOYS
Road Silent
Colleges Empty
Police at Rest
All Mobile Companies in Loss, No SMS,
No Gifts, No Alcohol, No Bikes, No Crime
No Couples
Which Means world Depends
on us… !!!

Sender:ali Date:20-03-2015
Cool Sms

A nice person will always be in memory;
A better person will always be in dream;
But a sincere person will always be in heart!

Sender:Ali Date:09-03-2015
Cool Sms

For a Cool Kid!
It’s birthday time again, and WOW!
You’re a whole year older now!
So clown around and have some fun
To make this birthday your best one!

Sender:Khan Date:02-02-2015
Cool Sms

Smile like you never cried.
Fight like you never lost.
Love like you never been hurt
Live like there is no tomorrow.

Sender:Khan Date:29-01-2015
Cool Sms

Please Come Out Of The Room! So The Sun Can Rise, Flowers Can Blossom, Birds Can Sing Bcoz All Are Waiting To See Your Beautiful SMILE (",)

Sender:Areeba Date:12-01-2015
Cool Sms

If ever in your life u r very sad n feel that u have lost everything, I?ll come, hold ur hand, take u 4 walk on a bridge and show u where 2 jump from

Sender:Warda Ashraf Date:12-01-2015

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