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Funny Sms

Teacher: Pappu, Tumne Aaj Bhi Apna Homework Nahi Kiya, Bolo Kya Saza Doon?
Pappu: Teacher, Mere Bagal Wali Ladki Ne Bhi Nahi Kiya, Hum Dono Ko Class Se Bahar Nikal Do

Sender:Hani Date:19-05-2014
Funny Sms

"Every married man's has to bear two kinds of expenses:
If the wife is fair complexioned, it's on Sun Screen Lotion;
And if she is dark-complexioned, it's on ""Fair & Lovely"" Cream!"

Sender:Hamza Date:16-05-2014
Funny Sms

"What'll you call ""Burj Khalifa"" after 80 years?
Bujurg Khalifa!"

Sender:Muhib Date:15-05-2014
Funny Sms

Doctor: Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?
Santa: Not that I remember, but I have woken up driving several times!

Sender:Fatima Date:14-05-2014
Funny Sms

Classical insult Girl: May abhe abhe beauty parlour say aye hun boy: ACha kya aaj bhe band tha

Sender:Danish Date:13-05-2014
Funny Sms

"Garmi se bachney ke liye
Enter Password:
Code accepted
Welcome to
, ‘,’ ,’,’,
,’ ,(‘.’)>,’OLa La
,< /”/, ,’,
‘_/ /_’,"

Sender:Umair Date:12-05-2014
Funny Sms

"Kbi Shehar Jana
Kbi Gaon Jana
Kbi is raste Jana
Kbi us raste Jana
Shahi Swari bhej Raha hon
Mza na Aye to utr Jana
(\ /)
/??) “^—-;”;
\,,/”( , , )\\ // \\ // \\
CNG, Petrol, Diesel
kuch nhi
Sirf 10Rs ki Ghaas khilana
poooora din chalana
east or west gadhaa is the best."

Sender:Kainat Date:09-05-2014
Funny Sms

Wo dost umar bhar ka saath kya de ga


Jis ne police ki gari dekh k bike se utar diya....


Sender:Komal Date:08-05-2014
Funny Sms

"An apple a day... is almost a thousand rupees a month.
Visiting a doctor is
a lot cheaper.
Sp be practical!"

Sender:Tahir Date:08-05-2014
Funny Sms

Zindagi ice-cream ki trah hy
Taste kro ya waste kro pighal rhi hy
is liy life ko taste karna sekho
waste to ho he rhi hy.
Great lines by
chota veer kulfi wala.

Sender:Hamza Date:07-05-2014
Funny Sms

Ques: Agar dunia mai bejli nahi hoti tu TV kesay daikhty?
Pathan: Mom-batti jala ke !

Sender:Hamza Date:06-05-2014
Funny Sms

Unfriending on Facebook and blocking on WhatsApp is the
modern form of childhood 'Katti'!

Sender:Shon Date:05-05-2014
Funny Sms

Married men play a lot with their wedding rings... because they're continuously trying to work out the unlock combination!

Sender:Raja Date:02-05-2014
Funny Sms

Officer: Soldier, do you have change for 1000 rupees?
Soldier: Sure, buddy.
Officer: That's no way to address an officer! Now let's try it again.
Officer: Do you have change for a 100 rupees?
Soldier: No, SIR!

Sender:Umair Date:30-04-2014
Funny Sms

Uff Garmiii...
Jab Uppar Garmi Hai, Toh Nichhe Kaunsa AC Laga Hai... Jo Dhoond Rahe Ho?
Summers Ki Pehli Bezti Mubark ho!

Sender:Kesha Date:29-04-2014
Funny Sms

Why is it that you wait 6 weeks for a doctor's appointment and then he says, "I wish you'd come to me sooner"?

Sender:Farhan Date:28-04-2014
Funny Sms

Once, Boss, Officer & Clerk going 4 a meeting.
They saw a Jin.
Jin said: As i fulfill 3 wishes at a time
But u r 3 persons so i will fulfill 1 wish for each.

Clerk said: Send me to America with a lot of money clerk disappears. (wish fulfilled)
Officer said: Send me to Paris with a lot of beautiful girls. officer disappears. (wish fulfilled)
Jin said to Boss: what is ur wish?
He said: "I want these two idiots back at office after lunch."
Moral: Always Let the BOSS SPEAK 1st

Sender:Hussnain Mirza Date:25-04-2014
Funny Sms

This cat, is cat, a cat, good cat, way cat, to cat,
keep cat, a cat, idiot cat, busy cat, for cat,
20 cat, seconds cat! Now read it all without the word cat!

Sender:Osama Khan Date:25-04-2014
Funny Sms

Man: Officer! There's a bomb in my garden!
Officer: Don't worry. If no one claims it
Within three days, you can keep it.

Sender:Noman Date:25-04-2014
Funny Sms

When u feel lonely and alone
& cannot see any one around you,
the world seems to be fading away,
come along with me
i'll take u to an eye specialist !!

Sender:Nazia Idrees Date:25-04-2014