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Islamic Sms

May Allah increase ur EMAN,
Grant u AHSAN,
Restore on u SABAR,
Delight u in ZIKER,
Bless u with TAQWA,
Accept ur TOBA
honour u with JANNAT(HEAVEN)

Sender:Yasir Date:26-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Life is Test,
Islam is best,
Namaz is must,
Aakhrat is for rest,
World is only dust,
If Quran is in chest,
nothing need next,
Obey ALLAH first.
Success will be next.

Sender:Tahir Date:25-05-2015
Islamic Sms

The most beautiful word is ALLAH,
Most beautiful song is AZAN,
Best exercise is NAMAZ,
World perfect book is QURAN,
And You are so lucky if YOU are a MUSALMAN.

Sender:Zaheer Date:22-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Allah always has a better plan for us,
Things may not start off too Well,
But the ending is usually better than we except.

Sender:Sahir Date:21-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn your battles into blessings!

Sender:tahir Date:19-05-2015
Islamic Sms

What A Nice Feeling To B In Love With

No Pain
No Tenssion
No Disappointment

Just Blessings & Joy
Do it With All Your Heart.

ALLAH Bless You

Sender:tahir Date:18-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Ya Rab ye Musalma kaise hai,
jo deen ki azmath bhool gaye,

Kalima to zubani yaad raha,
Kalime ki haqiqat bhool gaye.....

Sender:Khadar Khan Date:16-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Everything is Pre-written but with prayers it can be Re-written!

Sender:Taha Date:15-05-2015
Islamic Sms

1.Maut ko yaad rakhna nafs ki tamaam bemarioan ki shifa hai.
2.Khushi insaan ko itna nahi sikhati jitna k ghum.
3.Sachai ek aisi dawa hai jis ki lazzat karvi,magar taseer meethi hai.

Sender:Irfan Date:07-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Krishna was not a Hindu.
Buddha was not a Buddhist.
Jesus was not a Christian.
Muhammad was not a Muslim.
Guru Nanak was not a Sikh.
They were all teachers who taught Love; and Love was their religion!

Sender:Aslam Date:05-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Hadith : Anger : The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The best of you are those who are slow to anger and swift to cool down. Beware of anger, for it is a live coal on the heart of the descendants of Adam.”

Sender:Md Akram Date:01-05-2015
Islamic Sms

I pray and not wish because I have God not a Genie!

Sender:Rehan Date:30-04-2015
Islamic Sms

Oh Allah,
Help me spend today with a smile on my face, love in my heart, trust in your name and thinking of you all day.

Sender:Aleem Date:29-04-2015
Islamic Sms

1.Surah Yaseen:
Allah will grant all ur wishes
2.Surah “Rehman” brings glow on the face,
3.Surah “Al-Waqia”
releases us from hunger,
4.Surah “Al-Mulk”
saves us from Azab-e-Qabr,
5.Surah “Sajda”
will speak up in our favour on judgement day.

Sender:Aliyan Date:28-04-2015
Islamic Sms

This is a special sorry to u ,

plz excuse my all mistakes before 15 Shaban,

kyun ke 14 Shaaban ko maghrib ke baad aamaal naama change hone hain..,
so I tell U sorry again’

Sender:Aleem Date:27-04-2015
Islamic Sms

"Har Wo Khaney Ki Cheez Jo ALLAH K Siwa Kisi Or (Maafoqul Asbaab) K Naam Mansoob Ki Jaaey, Khana Haram Hai"
Islamic Sms Center

Sender:Muhammad Irfan Reaz Date:27-04-2015
Islamic Sms

The best of Dawah is your Manners,

The best of Naseeha is your Example

Spread the beauty of Islam by living

It is an example for others to follow

Sender:Osama Date:24-04-2015
Islamic Sms

1.ALLAH K Sath Shirk
2.Waldain Ki Nafarmani
3.Na-Haq Kisi Ka Qatal
4.Jhooti Qasam
Islamic Sms Center

Sender:Muhammad Irfan Reaz Date:23-04-2015
Islamic Sms

"Yaqinan Namaz Momino Per Muqarrarah Waqton Per Farz Hai"
Surah Nisa
Islamic Sms Center

Sender:Muhammad Irfan Reaz Date:23-04-2015
Islamic Sms

"Ay Eimaan Walo ! Bohat Badgumaniyo Se Bacho, Beshak Ba'az Badgumani Gunaah Hain"
Islamic Sms Center

Sender:Muhammad Irfan Reaz Date:23-04-2015