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Love Sms

Shakespare says
There r 2 things in LIFE that r very painful
One is when ur love loves you & doesn't tell u...
Second when ur love doesn't love u and tells u.

Sender:Ali Date:28-05-2015
Love Sms

* Love is when MuM kisses my forehead

* Love is that PaPPa waiting for me, When I came late

* Love is that when my sister while doing my work says...
Jab meri shaadi ho jae gi tou kon kare ga tumharay kaam?

* Love is that when brother says
Tujhe pasand hay, chal rakh lay main or khreed lon ga

* Love is that when my best friend says
Tension na lay yaar, Main hon na tere saath

Sender:Sunny Date:27-05-2015
Love Sms

A loving relationship is one
in which the loved one is free to be himself
to laugh with me, but never at me;
to cry with me, but never because of me;
to love life, to love himself, to love being loved.
Such a relationship is based upon freedom
can never grow in a jealous heart.

Sender:Tahir Date:26-05-2015
Love Sms

When somebody who is deeply
in Love with you tells that
You are
cute, beautiful, & angelic,
I agree. That's true,
Believe me,
I swear because love is definitely blind

Sender:Siraj Date:25-05-2015
Love Sms

My Heart Misses A Beat
Watching You Sleep
Our Corny Slippers
Monogrammed His And Her
By The Bed Blue For Me
Pink For You

Sender:Sahir Date:22-05-2015
Love Sms


Sender:Anmol Date:21-05-2015
Love Sms

Love Tip:
It is advisable to over react whenever your partner is in trouble;
Because it is an opportunity to express your love and solitude to him!

Sender:Tahir Date:20-05-2015
Love Sms

She doesn't say 'I love you' like a normal person.
Instead, she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile, and say. You're an idiot.
If she tells you you're an idiot, you are a lucky man!

Sender:Taha Date:19-05-2015
Love Sms

My simple attitude:
I'm not single and I'm not committed.
I'm simply on reserve for the one who deserves!

Sender:tahir Date:18-05-2015
Love Sms

Love is not to say but to understand.
Love is not to show but to feel inside.
Love is not to find faults but to make the best.
Love is not to demand but to sacrifice.
Love is not to hurt but to take care of.
Love is not blind but it doesn't need to see!

Sender:Nehal Date:15-05-2015
Love Sms

After my death
I will move up to sky
I will write by your name on every star
So you look up every night and see
How Much I loved you

Sender:Taha Date:12-05-2015
Love Sms

“Fantastic Quote”

LOVE Is Blind..
MARRIAGE Opens The Eyes…….

Sender:Sahir Date:11-05-2015
Love Sms

I get jealous, I get mad, I get worried, That's only because I love you and don't want to lose you!

Sender:Asad Date:09-05-2015
Love Sms

How rare and wonderful is that flash

of a moment when we realize we have discovered a love

Sender:Asad Date:08-05-2015
Love Sms

New style of purposing a girl:

I have spent many sleepless nights in ur love, &

I dont want my son to do the same 4 your daughter,

So lets make them brother & sister.

Sender:Asad Date:06-05-2015
Love Sms

Double text me. Annoy me. Give me all your attention. I love that shit - especially when it's coming from you!

Sender:Nehal Date:04-05-2015
Love Sms

As we get older, It becomes difficult

to just trust and believe.

It’s not that we don’t want to,

but too much has just happened

in life that we just can’t.

Sender:Manoj Date:30-04-2015
Love Sms

Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls;
Because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.
So let's unite our should forever!

Sender:Yasir Date:29-04-2015
Love Sms

Every time I look into your eyes
I feel like being in there

Every time I listen to your voice
I feel like listening to more

Every time I take your name
I feel the love towards you

Sender:Aliyan Date:28-04-2015
Love Sms

It's a fact:
When you are happy you'll search for the person you love most, but when you are sad, you'll search for the person who loves you the most!

Sender:Aliyan Date:27-04-2015

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