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Islamic Sms

O Allah, guide me to the straight path. Ameen!

Sender:Rehan Date:01-07-2015
Islamic Sms

Allah's 'No' is not a rejection, it's a redirection!

Sender:Asad Date:29-06-2015
Islamic Sms

A Girl Dresses up Trying to look as pretty as possible.
Applies make-up & styles her hair.
She wants to look attractive.
She goes out, comments form men flatters her.
They stare at her develop dirty thoughts & Some would want to act upon their thoughts & some do. She didn't want that Or did she?


When Islam advises women to cover themselves & be simple,
Its not without a reason. Islam doesn't limit the Freedom of Women
But to make them more Independent.

Sender:Anum Date:26-06-2015
Islamic Sms

welcome 2 d new month of unlimited 4giveness,mercy & blessings,may allah grant us d grace 2 complete it in good health

Sender:juwairiyya Date:25-06-2015
Islamic Sms

may almighty allah accept our act of ibada, anwipe our sins know an unknown sins.

Sender:juwairiyya Date:25-06-2015
Islamic Sms

It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, it doesn't matter if you started that fight or not.. Just do it! Be the one who forgives.

Sender:Ikram Date:24-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Allah Says:-

Try to Walk on My Way,
Ill Make all the Ways Easy for you.

Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way,
I ll Open Oceans of Treasure for you.

Try to Leave your Wills for Me,
I ll Make your Desired Destiny for you.

Try to Bear Pain on My Way,
I ll Open the Doors of My Care for you.

Try to Believe in Me,
I ll Make Sincere Friends for you.

Try to Be Mine,
I ll Make Everyone for you !

Sender:Ikram Date:22-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Life is Test,
Islam is best,
Namaz is must,
Aakhrat is for rest,
World is only dust,
If Quran is in chest,
nothing need next,
Obey ALLAH first.
Success will be next.

Sender:Irfan Date:17-06-2015
Islamic Sms

May Allah fill your life
with endless happy moments,
countless wonderful surprises,
and infinite success!

Sender:Ali Date:12-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Enlighten what is Dark in Me,
Strengthen what is Weak in Me,
Mend what is Broken in Me,
Bind what is Bruised in Me,
Heal what is Sick in Me,
Straighten what is Crooked in Me
Revive whatever Peace and Love has Died in Me..!

Sender:Taha Date:09-06-2015
Islamic Sms

When God gives us 'NO'
for an answer Keep in mind
that there is a much greater 'YES' behind it.
His 'NO' is not a 'REJECTION', But a 'REDIRECTION' :-)

Sender:Yasir Date:08-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Pray is an Amazing Exchange.
u handover Your Worries to ALLAH.
Allah hands over His Blessings to You

Sender:Taha Date:05-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Then as to those who
disbelieve I will chastise them
with severe chastisement
in this world and the
hereafter and they
shall have no helpers .”

< Al- Qura’an >

Sender:Raza Date:04-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Start the work in the name of God.
Do the work with the help of God.
Finish the work with thanks to God.
Because God decides, gives and makes everything in your life possible.
May God Bless You!

Sender:Fahim Date:02-06-2015
Islamic Sms

Be mindful of your self-talk. It's a conversation with the universe!

Sender:Aliyan Date:30-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Significances of the prayers.
Fajar – increases de complexion or noor,
Zohar – increases Income,
Asar – Improv“s health,
Maghrib – good future 4 u r children,
Esha – peaceful sleep

Sender:Almanak Date:29-05-2015
Islamic Sms

If things r happening
according to ur wish,
u r lucky!
But if they r not,
u r very lucky,
Bcoz they r happening
according to God's wish

Sender:Fahim Date:28-05-2015
Islamic Sms

*Best MSG Ever*

Kabhi b apne naseeb ko bura mat kaho
Q k ye naseeb hi hai k tum MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)
K ummati ho.

(Subhan Allah)

Sender:Ubaid Date:27-05-2015
Islamic Sms

May Allah increase ur EMAN,
Grant u AHSAN,
Restore on u SABAR,
Delight u in ZIKER,
Bless u with TAQWA,
Accept ur TOBA
honour u with JANNAT(HEAVEN)

Sender:Yasir Date:26-05-2015
Islamic Sms

Life is Test,
Islam is best,
Namaz is must,
Aakhrat is for rest,
World is only dust,
If Quran is in chest,
nothing need next,
Obey ALLAH first.
Success will be next.

Sender:Tahir Date:25-05-2015