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Wedding anniversary sms

Wedding anniversary sms-We have a large collection of Wedding Anniversary SMS or Wedding Anniversary Wishes or Marriage Anniversary SMS or Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Wedding anniversary sms

It’s a special time for sharing
Warmest thoughts and wishes, too,
That are coming from the hearts of those
Who think the world of you!
Happy First Wedding Anniversary.

Sender:Kulsoom Date:25-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

What is the meaning of marriage I found out to
seeing your married life. Wishing you very happy
anniversary on the successful completion of 1st
year of your married life

Sender:ramsha Date:23-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Its an honor for us
That an year passed
With both of you
With happiness

Sender:farzana Date:20-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

I am glad to see you happy like your first day of marriage. I want to always see that beautiful smile on your face forever. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Sender:fareeha Date:18-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

I was completely happy, and twenty-five years and
always should be the body of the marriage,
decoration & become an exhibition hall part for others to see.

Sender:bisma Date:16-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

One year pass like a rocket,
You live like a Moon, stars on the sky,
I wish you Happy anniversary.

Sender:basharat Date:13-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Hm bhi mohabbat kar k gunahgr ho gy.
Pehle phool the abk khak ho gy.
Jb sy dekha hai tmhry hasin chehry ko.
Hm bhi tmhari chahat k talabgar ho gaey.
!!!!!Happy Anniversary!!!!

Sender:wareesha Date:12-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

“I MISS YOU” is not just a word, it is a feeling
That hurts the most. You can’t express your feeling
Of missing some one and no other person.
I love My Sweet Heart. Happy Anniversary.

Sender:yumna Date:10-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

I çan feel y0ur heart
filled with grace and
l0vē as I gaze profoundly
int0 your magnificent eyes
Everything dream with you

Sender:Sanjok rana Date:06-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

I thought I would be too tired of each other now,
I think it would be boring to others and how
she thought that her marriage to be.

Sender:adeel Date:03-05-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

'Wrq Wrq Pr Tyri Ibart Tyra Fsana Tyri Hikayt"
"Kitaab E Hsti Jhan Sy KHoli Tyri Muhbbat Ka Baab Nikla"

Sender:Syed Usama Irum Date:29-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Do not get tired of seeing the other side for twenty
long years of struggle of their lives is a truly remarkable achievement.

Sender:tahoor Date:29-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Strengthen the bonds of marriage,
a strong hold in the midst of all the worries.
And our friendship is still not flawless,
through the use of years.

Sender:raza Date:27-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Love demands love only that I found out form your marriage.
I am amazed to see the 1 year of your marriage life. Wish you
luck and a very happy anniversary.

Sender:adeel Date:25-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Love demands love only that I found out form your marriage.
I am amazed to see the 1 year of your marriage life. Wish you
luck and a very happy anniversary.

Sender:hira Date:21-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

May you rock each other’s life at all times
and your love and liking for each other grow with each passing day!
Happy wedding anniversary to a wonderful couple

Sender:adeel Date:20-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

On this special day, best wishes to you;
this love you work your lifelong wοwonderful Τthrough.
Αanniversary happy to Μy brother dear.

Sender:eshaal Date:19-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

The anniversary is a time to
celebrate the joys of today,
the memories of yesterday,
and the hopes of tomorrow.

Sender:arshiya Date:15-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Like the way limestone is strong stiffness for many years,
and their marriage became hardened unbreakable in love and care.
Happy Anniversary

Sender:bilal Date:15-04-2016
Wedding anniversary sms

Your married life was a surprise for I never hope to see such a beautiful couple in my life. Your married life was like a buckeye of flowers. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Sender:hina Date:12-04-2016