Huawei back in Business; Huawei can Continue to Buy Tech from US: Trump

Banning Huawei or implementing tariffs on Chinese trade is no longer a solution for America to grow. So no more Tariffs for Chinese and Huawei now; the brand will also be trading with US once again. Huawei will continue to buy technologies and observe trade with its previous American partners as Trump just dropped the ban from Huawei.

“Forty years on, enormous change has taken place in the international situation and China-U.S. relations, but one basic fact remains unchanged: China and the United States both benefit from cooperation and lose in confrontation,” Xi Jinping at G20 Summit.

Huawei will be trading with US tech companies as relations between U.S. and China have improved once again. The G20 summit, founded back in 1999 makes up 85 per cent of the world's GDP and two-thirds of its population. Recently, the G20 summit was held at Osaka and President of USA and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China were seen confronting each other.

In the summit, Trump decided to soften his tone with Chinese Tech Giant, Huawei, and we are not surprised. China has been waving power since a decade and establishing strong grounds of power and confidence. After Huawei’s 5G alarmed the United States of America and specifically, shook President Donald Trump, the riots which broke out went massively popular and viral. However, we just saw a kind of U-turn in President Trump’s behavior. During the G-20 summit in Osaka, June 23, Donald Trump was seen shaking hands with Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

The result of Trump meeting Xi Jinping turned out to be greater than what we were, ever expecting. Also, Huawei will now be using American Technologies and will be remaining on progressive trade terms. From now on, as announced by the Trump, there will be
-no new tariffs
-access to US tech for Huawei
-better visa treatments for all Chinese students
-truce on #tradewar (resumption of talks)

Seems like the summit brought out progressive results and has remained quite fruitful for the Chinese, Americans and rest of the world.

Recently, the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde also commented on the latest trade war development, saying
“While the resumption of trade talks between the United States and China is welcome, tariffs already implemented are holding back the global economy, and unresolved issues carry a great deal of uncertainty about the future.”

However the latest improvements between US and China after the G20 summit are predicting a peaceful and a progressive tomorrow. Let’s stay positive!

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