A Review about Google’s Current Pixel Phones

(Hammad Bin Azam Hashmi, Lahore)

Pixel Phones

Recently, Google has introduced several innovations in the form of products. These products include New Pixel phones, New Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Pixelbook Chromebook, New Google Daydream View VR headset, and Google Pixel Buds. Among these products, New Pixel Phones have gained a lot attention from the audience. In the start of event hosted by Google in California, senior vice president of hardware, Rick Osterloh, told audience that company is going to announce its second generation of hardware. Previously, Google marketed products like Google Pixel, Daydream View VR headset, Pixel XL and Google Home. Now company has added more pixels into its smartphones as these features were well received by Google’s audience in previous versions. On this event, Google has shown two Google Pixel smartphones: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. These smartphones have 6-inch and 5.5-inch display. The Pixel 2 will be available in the following colors; kinda blue, clearly white and just black. The Pixel 2 XL (6-inch) has a feature of curved display that spread to the edges. Google said that although both devices have different screen sizes, but these are same when it comes to users’ experience.
Both smartphones have a feature of “always-on-display” which means notifications and time will be displayed even the phone is locked.

The phones have also the capability to detect the music being played in the background and notify the phone about the song. Both phones do not offers headphone jack.

Furthermore, users can take a selfie with the help of squeeze motion. The cameras of these phones are specially designed for augmented reality view based on ARCore augment reality tools, like ARKit offered by Apple in iPhones and iPads. Another interesting feature of Pixel 2 is the Portrait mode. This feature give your picture more professional look by blurring the background. The front camera of the phones are used for Portrait selfie too. This feature initially introduced by Apple in iPhone 7 Plus last year and also updated in the iPhone 8 Plus this year.

Finally, these phones have all-day battery life and also water resistance. The Pixel 2 will cost users at $649 and Pixel 2 XL at $849. The pre-orders are in progress, users can avail this opportunity.

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