Ali Zafar's PSL anthem still ruling fans' hearts

The Nation  |  Jan 24, 2022

 Ali Zafar's PSL anthem still ruling fans' hearts

The most anticipated anthem of the Pakistan Super League edition 7 (PSL 7) has been released by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday.

The PSL 7 anthem has been sung by Atif Aslam and Aima Baig, who had already featured in the last year's PSL anthem 'Groove Mera’. The anthem of PSL 7 "Agey Dekh" is highly appreciated by cricket fans but on the other hand, some cricket lovers have termed Ali Zafar’s anthem better than Atif Aslam’s saying Ali Zafar’s anthem is still ruling the hearts of cricket fans. This is the first-ever PSL anthem sung by Atif Aslam.

After the release of the official PSL 7 anthem, the Twitter users started making comparisons of "Agey Dekh" with Ali Zafar's "Phir Seeti Baje Gi." They say that the anthem is perfectly fine but no one can beat the class of Ali Zafar when it comes to the PSL anthem.

Earlier in 2020, Ali Zafar made a song named "MELA LOOT LIYA" on the demand of his fans when they asked him to compete "Tayyar Hain," the official anthem of PSL 2020. Reactions of the fans are here.

AGP asks Shehbaz Sharif to submit Nawaz's medical reports within 10 days The anthem of PSL 7 has been released, But still "Phir Seeti Baje Gi" by Ali Zafar is best.☹️????

No one can beat Ali Zafar#PSLAnthem

— Rio???? (@afrozkhan681) January 24, 2022

So Ali zafar's "ab khel jamay ga" still stands out as best PSL song.#PSLAnthem

— Tahreem???? (@tweetsbytahreem) January 24, 2022

Supreme Court issues written verdict in Khurshid Shah's bail case Nobody can beat the class of Ali Zafar's ???? #PSLAnthem ????????

— Mian Omer???????? (@Iam_Mian) January 24, 2022

Actually Ali Zafar k anthem ny standard itna oncha krdya tha k unconsciously we start to compare each new PSL song with it. No doubt it's good but vo wla masterpiece tha yrrrrrr

#PSLAnthem #LevelHai

'Tu Jhoom’ plagiarism case against Xulfi: Singer to accept ‘whatever court decides’ — Hitesh Maheshwari ???????? (@hiiteshkumar10) January 24, 2022

Atif Aslam is level too, but no doubt Ali Zafar is class for #PSLAnthem

— ѕααd мυɴαwαr (@SaadiiSays) January 24, 2022

Everything Is Good..!!

Journalist shot dead in front of Lahore Press Club


Ali Zafar Ka #LevelHai ????????#PSLAnthem | #HBLPSL7

— Ahmad Daniyal (@AhmadDaniyal33) January 24, 2022 Phr seeti bajy gi stage sajay ga..

Still the best, PCB team u didn't beat @AliZafarsays ..#PSLAnthem #PSL2022

— RAB NAWAZ ???????? (@RN31888) January 24, 2022

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