KKH between Chilas, Gilgit again blocked for all types of traffic

The Nation  |  Jul 30, 2021

Pertaining to the floods brought about by torrential rains, the Karakorum Highway Road (KKH) between Chilas and Gilgit, on Friday, was again blocked for all types of traffic.

According to the details, the road was hit by landslides at Raikot to Lal Padi and Tatta Pani Areas. 

The heavy rain and floods flashed away the segment of KKH between Babusar- Naran road at Lolosar.

Earlier in the morning today, the flood damaged KKH at various points including Phasu - a locality in Upper Hunza.  

However, Frontier Works Organization (FWO) workers soon made an alternate route to make sure the traffic runs smoothly in Hunza.

The recent reports identify that the FWO workers are still on their way to restore the flashed segments of KKK road.  

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