Motorists face hurdles due to dense fog on the motorway

The Nation  |  Dec 06, 2022

 Motorists face hurdles due to dense fog on the motorway
ISLAMABAD    -   Motorists had been facing hur­dles in planning and travelling on the motorway as dense fog in various cities badly affected the traffic flow at night and caused temporary closures of various sections.

Talking to APP, a motorist Basheer Awan said that plan­ning the journey in winter was difficult due to severe disrup­tion to road transport and fall of visibility. He said travellers could not judge the road situa­tion especially after the.

Another traveller Adan said that slow-moving vehicles kept the fast lane and it be­came dangerous to drive in foggy conditions with low vis­ibility. “Travelling on Grand Trunk road needs more atten­tion and it becomes frustrat­ing for the driver during long drives”, he added.

When contacted by the Na­tional Highways and Motor­way Police (NHMP), Inspector Saqib Waheed said that the visibility had dropped due to dense fog on main roads in plain areas during the night, due to which certain routes were closed temporarily from late night till morning. 

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He said considering the visi­bility and fog, motorway police temporarily closed different sections including Peshawar Toll Plaza to Rashakai, Pesha­war to Sawabi, Islamabad to Burhan and Swat Expressway from Karnal Sher Khan to Is­maila.

He informed that Bhera to Kot Momin section of motor­way M2 was also closed tem­porarily due to fog.

While giving road safety tips to motorists, he informed the road users should try to travel in daylight and avoid travel­ling at night. He assured that all available resources would be utilised to provide safe and sound passage to road users in foggy weather.

He requested the citizens to drive carefully and refrain from crossing the permitted speed limits while travelling on highways and motorways, and in open areas which were engulfed by thick fog. He urged motorists to use fog lights while driving at night due to the fog that has engulfed most cities.

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He also advised that in the foggy season, the middle dis­tance between the vehicles should be more than in normal conditions, adding that before starting the journey, an advi­sory from helpline 130 could be beneficial.

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