Gardeners advised to continue irrigation of date palm orchards

The Nation  |  Aug 01, 2021

FAISALABAD - Agricultural experts have advised gardeners and farmers to continue irrigation of their date palm orchards as growth of date fruits in July and August increases the water and food requirements of plants. A spokesman for Agriculture (Extension) Department told APP on Saturday that severe dehydration increases the amount of albasic acid and the fruit begins to fall off rapidly. He said that due to lack of water, the plants turn yellow and start drying up. Therefore, the farmers and gardeners should water date palm orchards with an interval of 7 to 8 days depending on the weather conditions. He said that timely watering lowers the temperature of the soil, which reciprocally cools the garden and speeds up growth of the fruit in addition to improving quality of the fruit. If canal water is not plentiful in hot weather, farmers should mix tube-well water with canal water in such a way that water is not wasted. He advised gardeners to save moisture content of the soil in their orchards at maximum level and for the purpose, they should also lay a thick layer of grass on the earth. The farmers should also dispose of weeds and herbs from their gardens thoroughly so that they could not consume water of the date-palm trees. Responding to a question, the spokesman said that farmers should irrigate newly planted plants regularly with an interval of one day in July and August. The gardeners should also keep these plants in moist to keep soil temperature low and protect them from harmful effects of heat. He said that it is very important to use balanced fertilizers to get good yield of dates. For the purpose, farmers should use 40 to 60 kilograms of compost per plant per year in addition to applying 2-kg of urea, 2.5-kg of single super phosphate and 2-kg of potash per plant. The gardeners should also dig the soil and water the orchard immediately after applying fertilisers, he added. He said that a large quantity of fruit is lost when the date crop is harvested.

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