Hadiqa Kiani longs for justice in Noor Mukadam’s case

The Nation  |  Jan 25, 2022

The famous Pakistani Singer Hadiqa Kiani has been winning hearts with her amazing acting skills in dramas. The singer/actor has always been a strong advocate of women rights along with being a beautiful human.

Hadiqa is currently starring in drama serial ‘Dobara’ and she could be seen playing the role of a strong woman fighting the adverse realities that a female has to go through as a widow.

Recently in a tweet, the singer showed concern over the ongoing trials of Noor Mukadam’s case. The celebrity has expressed distress and longed for justice on the matter.

Hadiqa mentioned that Noor Mukadam’s story shall not be forgotten.

“Another day and another obscene abuse of power, evidence and victim blaming. #NoorMuqaddam’s story shall not be forgotten, we demand justice and we demand it now! Enough with the delays, the excuses and the insanity. We demand justice for Noor. Enough is enough,” stated Hadiqa Kiani.

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