Mahira Khan faces criticism for 'romanticizing abuse' through repeated 'regressive content'

The Nation  |  Nov 30, 2021

Pakistani women rights activist and entrepreneur Kanwal Ahmed is not happy with superstar Mahira Khan's portrayal of 'wronged woman' on-screen.

Founder of a widely known women-centric forum Soul Sisters Pakistan called out Mahira Khan for glorifying emotionally abusive relationships over the years, quoting the actor's roles in dramas like Humsafar and Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay.

“10 years of promoting how to stay patiently in (violently) emotionally abusive marriages on the top drama channel with the highest ratings," wrote Kanwal. 

She went on to add that "Mahira knows and acknowledges the damage caused by regressive content that romanticizes abuse. Yet she repeatedly takes on roles that strengthen that same problematic narrative" 

Kanwal concluded by stating that "Mahira is a great actress and an icon in our country. We want and expect much, much better from her."

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