Pompeo: ‘Unprepared’ Biden will meet Putin at Geneva summit with ‘self-dealt weak hand’

The Nation  |  Jun 16, 2021

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo removed his gloves and gave the public his personal take on decisions recently made by the Biden administration, using the opportunity to outline what Biden must do at the looming Geneva summit in order to appear strong before his Russian counterpart.

In an opinion piece written for Fox News on Tuesday, Pompeo claimed that Biden would be starting off talks with a “self-dealt weak hand that could have been much stronger” had the commander-in-chief chosen to continue many Trump-era policies.

“Biden has already begun squandering this leverage, in part by telegraphing climate change as his top national security priority,” he added, noting that “encouraging” American troops to believe that the environment is a top priority is both a “ridiculous mindset” and “extremely dangerous.”

“Any promises Putin makes of tackling climate change together are hollow. Russia is a major petroleum producing nation that will gain geopolitical leverage worldwide if America cuts back our oil and gas production. A Climate Change First agenda is foolish in more ways than one.”  

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He went on to explain that Biden needs to “make the case to Putin that cozying up to China will make his country a tributary state to the Chinese Communist Party,” and that “Russia’s better bet” is parting ways from China “in the long run.”

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