Abducted infant recovered by the police from RYK hospital within hours

DailyTimes  |  Sep 21, 2021


RAHIM YAR KHAN: Police have recovered a baby abducted from Shaikh Zayed Hospital within hours.

According to police officials, in the shocking incident a woman had kidnapped a nine-days old baby boy from the hospital’s children ward.

“The CCTV footage traced a woman, while she was abducting the baby from the hospital,” police said.

Local police headed by SHO Asadullah Mastoi acted promptly and recovered the kidnapped child within a few hours, officials said.

Rahim Yar Khan’s A-division police have registered a case of the child’s abduction against the woman involved in the incident.

In a similar incident, someone kidnapped a 10-day-old baby girl from her house in Karachi in March this year.

According to the details, her mother fell asleep after she made her newborn sleep in the evening at her home in Karachi’s Al-Falah Society. When the woman woke up, she found that her newborn baby was missing and the main gate of the house was opened.

The distressed woman informed her husband and family about the incident. In order to resolve the mystery, the minor girl’s father obtained video footage from a nearby installed CCTV camera. The video shows two burqa-clad women coming out from their house. One of the women was carrying the infant in her hand. Police registered an FIR and launched an investigation into the kidnapping.

Later, the police resolved the mystery surrounding the abduction and close relatives were the kidnappers according to the investigation.

Police arrested the minor girl’s aunt and other relatives. Police took the help of CCTV footage after identification by family and recovered the newborn.

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