Chrissy Teigen achieved her six month sober milestone-Celebrates on Instagram

Bol News  |  Jan 20, 2022

Chrissy Teigen is feeling healthy and energized following a six-month alcohol-free period.

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On Thursday, the mother-of-two took to Instagram to tell how giving up alcohol has changed her life for the better. The model then went on to express her desire to go above and beyond her current abilities in order to achieve complete sobriety.

“It’s been six months since I’ve had any drink!” “Honestly, it sucks saying that because, even though I don’t crave it anymore, the time hasn’t exactly flown by haha,” Teigen writes in her Instagram post.

“I probably won’t be excited till a bigger milestone, like at least 5 years, and sometimes I’m not sure if I’ll ever drink again?”

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” To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I do know a couple of things: I suddenly have boundless energy and significantly reduced anxiety (no more benzos!). I’m *happier* and more present than I’ve ever been. It’s a lot of fun.

“I look forward to having my complete body reset after a year, then reevaluating to evaluate my new aspirations and wishes for the future,” the celebrity said before signing off.

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