Conservation experts to visit D.I.Khan soon for preserving buildings of high architectural value

DailyTimes  |  Jan 21, 2022


PESHAWAR: A team of conservation experts will visit Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan) district soon for preservation and renovation of high architectural buildings with the objective of reviving old heritage of the city.

“D.I.Khan has a large number of old buildings of high architectural values which if renovated would add colours to the city besides reviving its old heritage,” commented Provincial Minister for Local Government Faisal Amin Gandapur.

Talking to newsmen at D.I.Khan, Faisal Amin said the government was developing a page on facebook where people can mention old buildings of the city which deserve to be revived and renovated. After collection of suggestions from people, ten buildings will be selected for preservation in phased manner, Amin apprised.

Initially, he said, a group of three buildings will be renovated in pattern of work being done on Chowgala building in D.I.Khan, resurrecting an old historic structure into a beautiful attractive construction.

About the team of conservation experts, he said, this is the same one which worked in Lahore for reviving the old heritage of the city by renovating historic houses and buildings.

Faisal Amin said he also belongs to D.I.Khan but was not aware about architectural potential of the city and after getting information from Archeology Department he became surprised as how important buildings were in need of attention which could add beauty of the city besides apprising younger generation about the aesthetic sense of our elders.

Water and Sanitation Services Company (WSSC) was engaged in the task which is also concentrating over cleanliness of the environs in old city, he added. WSSC was also working on creating awareness among masses for cleanliness of their environs including streets and corridors.

There was need of educating people that as they keep their homes clean and tidy, the outer environment should also be maintained in same pattern, Faisal Amin observed. In the project a total of 200 old buildings, homes and structures will be renovated and preserved for improving the beauty besides conservation of rich culture of D.I.Khan, the minister concluded.



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