Mansha Pasha reveals that her mobile phone blew up while getting charged

DailyTimes  |  Aug 04, 2021

Famous Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha, on Wednesday, revealed that her mobile phone blew up placed next to the television while charging.

Taking it to Instagram, The Laal Kabootar actress shared the pictures of her damaged mobile phone in the story, saying, “My phone just blew up.”

She further said, “This is an older model I gave to someone to use and it blew up next to the tv while on charge!”

“Super dangerous I lost all the data that I hadn’t transferred but thank God it wasn’t in anyone’s hand when it blew up,” Mansha maintained.

Sharing her stunning photos on Instagram and winning the hearts of the fans, she urged fans to be more contious while charging phone near TV.

In addition to this, Pasha is followed by one million fans on the Facebook.

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