Nimra talks about her marital status

DailyTimes  |  Aug 04, 2021

Actress Nimra Khan revealed her current relationship status in a recent interview at a show where she was questioned about her past and future.

Nimra Khan tied the knot to a police officer in London, last year during quarantine.

Recently, Nimra made headlines after she suddenly removed her loved-up pictures with husband from social media which left fans speculating over her sudden change of heart.

Nimra appeared in a show G Sarkar hosted by Nauman Ijaz where she spoke up regarding her future.

Co-host Fatima Khan asked Nimra, “You shared pictures with your husband then suddenly deleted all of them, Why was that?”

Nimra replied, “Can we not discuss this please!”

“One shouldn’t be sharing everything about their personal life on social media, because in a way you start living your life according to others, and that does not bring happiness,” said Nimra.

When Nimra was asked if she was ready for another marriage? She responded, “My mother and father are looking for a proposal and all I need are your prayers.”

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