Sarah Ferguson speaks on her daily routine as a member of royal family

DailyTimes  |  Aug 02, 2021

Sarah Ferguson, on Monday, speaks on her daily routine as a member of the royal family.

According to the details, the Duchess painted a pretty normal picture of her life in the Palace.

Speaking to The Times she went on to reveal that she wakes up everyday at 6:30 AM, and starts off with about an hour of meditation.

She rarely misses breakfast, which she called her “most important meal of the day” which usually consisted of soft boiled eggs, toast and a tangerine.

She said she keeps in shape, training “when she can” doing push ups, sit ups and stairs. She then checks in with her publisher everyday, who calls her “the general” about her new book, adding that she, currently is working on a screenplay.

Though she “wouldn’t call [Royal Lodge] my home as that would be presumptuous,” If in UK, Fergie went on to stay with her ex-husband at the Royal Lodge,

She added, “I love to unwind with a glass of burgundy. I’m taking it very slowly post lockdown. I don’t want to rush back out there. And I’m definitely not dating. I like to have a proper dinner, but I don’t cook — I can’t. I haven’t the patience”.

The Duchess then adds that she watches a movie or series before sleeping, with no specific daily bedtime schedule.

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