Veteran Actor Shahid Turns 71

AbbTakk  |  Jul 24, 2021

LAHORE: Legendary Lollywood actor Shahid has turned 71 years old. Even today, his prolific style impresses everyone. He has distinguished himself from contemporary actors by showing the essence of acting in many urban films.

Actor Shahid’s real name is Shahid Hameed and he was born on July 24, 1950 in Lahore. He graduated from Punjab University and in 1970 Abbas Nowshah cast Shahid for the first time in his film ‘Ek Raat Mein’ starring Deeba.

Shortly afterwards, director SA Bukhari cast him as a villain in his film Anso, starring Nadeem and Firdous. Both the films were successful and the door of success was opened for Shahid too. He worked with almost every heroine of his time including Shabnam, Rani, Nashu, Sangeeta, Babar Sharif, Diba. Actor Shahid married Babra Sharif but the marriage did not last even a year and the two separated.

The film is one of the superhit films of Amrao Jan Ada Shahid. Apart from this, his famous films include Suraya Bhopali, Civilization, Divorce, Destination of Spring, I am still young, My Presence, Shama Mohabbat, F these Wives, Hunting, Shabana. , Waterfall, Heart Remembered Again, Deedar, Thirsty, Will Be Seen, Family, Promise of Love, Servant Wohti Da, Thaha, Terrorist Khan, Magic, Mirza Jutt and others. Shahid has received numerous awards for his art.

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